This is all I can do...

Genre: Angst; !Mention of Suicide!

Members; Yoongi/Suga; Reader(You); OC child; Jungkook; Minor appearance of other members.

Part 1/7

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Summary: Was this really all he could do? Was this the sum total of his worth?

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If there was a way to feel both free and trapped, then that was your relationship with him. How he managed to slip out your grasp time and time again was starting to weigh in on you. One moment soft lips were firmly pressed against yours and the next he was halfway across the world, the thought of you the last thing on his mind. Boyish grins and gentle chuckles kept your protests at bay. When he was around, he radiated warmth and love (at least that’s what it seemed). Underneath the pastel emotions sat something dark, but you never told him of your observation.

Afterall, how could you accuse an angel of deception?

Something in him had snapped, and there was no way you could possibly fix it.

Somewhere deep inside his heart and mind, two important pieces were misaligned.

And for that, you suffered.

“Yoongi?” From your spot in the doorway, all you could see was his bright green hair above the back of the couch. Even in the dark, his hair was clearly visible. Seated on the lowly couch, shrouded in darkness, Yoongi blankly stared at the dark TV. From calling out his name, all you got in response was a delayed shift in his seat on the couch and the tinkling of his feet brushing against a bottle on the floor.

You stepped closer to him, close enough to see the sweat gathered along his upper lip. He still stared ahead, fingers tightly gripping the neck of a dark bottle. Yoongi swallowed dryly, anxiously biting at his bottom lip. The couch cushion sunk under your weight as you sat beside him, gauging his response.

It had been over a week since you had told him you were pregnant and since then he hadn’t spoken a word to you.

Sure he still came home most nights, ate what you cooked him, and slept beside you, but he refused to look at you for longer than necessary.

And he hadn’t spoken a word.

Gaze dropping down to the root beer bottle in his hands, you saw his knuckles whiten as he gripped it harder. “Yoongi.” You tried again softly,”When are you going to talk to me?”

He had wanted to talk to you for a while; he was just unsure of how to go about it. Yes, he understood you were pregnant. In about nine months time, it wasn’t just going to be you and him anymore. And he wasn’t ready for that. He had frequently spoke of changing the world with his presence, but he wasn’t ready for his world to be changed by a baby.

Yeah, he had dreams of a pair of baby sneakers sitting between you and him; but not now. He wasn’t done achieving his goals. He still had so many people to prove wrong.

You had always been looking to him for answers and now, you needed him more than ever. How was he supposed to tell you that no longer wanted anything to do with you?

He licked his lips, head slowly turning to face you.

Never had you seen such a blank stare on Yoongi’s face. He flat expression managed to hold as he murmured.

“I don’t want this.”


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