Summary of Crown Prince Gak’s ad-libs in “Rooftop Prince” by a Staff

~E2~ 1. In front of the convenience store (at night) When he’s kicked out from the store and says ‘you are imprudent’ (not in the script) *shop clerk saying ‘Ajuhssi is more imprudent’ is ad-lib too 2. When he drinks his water while brushing his teeth and says ‘it’s refreshing’ with Chisan 3. When they are practicing walking on escalator ~E3~ 1. When he lifts his head up after finishing changing clothes in the elevator and meeting Park Ha 2. When they are learning Korean alphabet, almost all ad-lib 3. Train scene ‘hello, how much is it?’ it wasn’t funny in the script but Yuchun saved it ~E4~ 1. When he’s imitating the dance practice in the playground 2. After fainting, when he moved his legs acting like a girl when Park Ha entered the guard room ~E5~ In the preview, when he’s following the bus and screaming nervously ‘Park Ha Park Ha Park Ha Park Ha’ ~E6~ During the ‘Yajatime’ when he said ‘bring the sword’ after Yongsool revolted himself against him ~E7~ 1.When he gave Yongsool tons of candies and told him to chew it all in the ‘Park Ha’ peppermint candy scene 2. Ringing the bell game scene (his face expression is the higlight, the best part, masterpiece) ~E8~ When he crunched the yoghurt after sucking it because of Park Ha’s blind date when they were in the park exercising ~E15~ When he’s doing aegyo in the laundry scene Note: There must be more(!) but this is all the poster remembers^^ (T/N: What’s missing is only the script part that shows and proves he did ad-libs because not being incorporated in the script^^) Source: DC Gallery Translation Credit:@6004theSheena Shared By: JYJ3

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