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What I Think about Suga:

I think that Suga is So adorable and Incredibly Talented.


Facts about Suga:

Real Name: Min Yoongi

His Favoirte Number: 3

His Birthday: March 9, 1993

Suga's Blood type: O

his Height 5'9

His Hometown: Daegu

-Suga loves taking Photos

-Suga's Favorite color is White.

- Suga's Family is Dad, Mom and Older Brother.

- Suga Decided to Pursue a Career in Music after hearing Stony Skunk 'Ragga Muffin' in 6th grade.

- Suga is the Father of BTS because He's in Charge of fixing the things that Namjoon Breaks, He changes the Light Bulbs, Fixes the Toilet, or Re-attaches Doorknobs...he does a lot of that kind of stuff.

- Suga Really Likes to have Cooking Battles.

- Suga's Role is to Nag or scold the Younger Members when they make a mistake. it's because he is the only member in the group who can speak Harshly. He has an honest and Blunt Personality, so if he feels like something isn't right, he will always speak up about it

- Suga's English is Terrible.

- Suga's other nicknames are 'Motionless Min' because when he has free days, he doesn't do anything, and 'Mr. Appendix because he had Appendix Surgery in 2013.

-Suga Loves Basketball.

- Suga likes the kind of weather where you can wear short sleeves in the day and long sleeves at night.

- in 10 years, Suga want to Dominate the world with his music

- his Favorite food Meat, meat, and Meat


Suga Quotes:

"My mind is possessed with the word 'success' "

" since I started Music in my 6th year of Elementary school, a lot of people around me Opposed it."

"Believe in me and Follow me"

" I want a Big house, Big cars, and Big rings."

"in the End they will all judge me so whatever".

"Don't be trapped in someone else's Dream"

" I put myself in a jail of envy and bitterness, and it constantly suffocates me. my Future seems blurry".

"I don't like to move, or go out or Meet people."

well, that's it for this K-star Saturday. I hope you enjoyed.

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