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This past week I have been none stop listening to these songs below. I usually make a playlist of the songs that I am really into or if there are new songs I add to the playlist. So here is my top ten and feel free to comment below on which song you none stop listening to this week.

Taeyang Love You to Death. When this song came out I feel for it to were this was all that I listened to where. it came out. there are so many feels that you can't help but fall in love with Taeyangs voice.

Winner Baby Baby this song is somewhat brand new. it hasn't been mong since they come out with this song. it was 2 months ago and I listened to this song once in awhile. however this week it's the only song that I want to listen to in my playlist.

Taeyang ft. Gdragon Stay With Me. the feels that come out with song is overwhelming. it's like Love You to Death but with more feels. of course GDragon is featured in this song and there are no words can describe on what I feel hearing this song.

CNBLUE You're So Fine They made their comeback on Monday KST when it was Sunday our time if their comeback. All week I would get up and find the song to listen to while getting ready. I can't help but have a good day when this song is playing.

NCT U Open Your Eyes this song came out yesterday and this a new group from SM Town. the song is really good to were all day yesterday it was repeated. It drew me in and I was hooked. My favorite boys in this group are Doyoung and Jaehyun.

BigBang Let's Not Fall in Love. last year I was having a rough time and this song come out at the right time. this song explain what I was going through at the time. Now it's the main theme for one of my stories at the moment.

Boys Republic Get Down I have listened to Boys Republic before and this week I really got to know who they were, somewhat. This song came out and I just love the beat and the rapping in this song that it is on repeat sometimes.

GOT7 Fly this song it addicting. I can't help dance along with them and plus the boys are so handsome and grown up.

BTS I NEED U and RUN both of the songs go together and it's been a year for I NEED U and about 5 months for RUN. I feel so connected to both of these songs and these boys bring some many feels out that I don't know what I'm going to do when they make their comeback next month.

BigBang Sober is the last song on this list and this is the number one song I usually listen to when I'm reading. the books I read it need to have music to listen to. I don't know why but when I read with music I feel like I'm there like a fly in the wall watching the scene come to life. Sober does that when I read and it's on my a few songs that can do that.

I live in a small town where kpop is not existed. While I listen to kpop or watch Kdramas I am either writing, drawing, or reading. I have a habit of listening to kpop while reading. Favorite groups B2st, BTS, BigBang, etc. lol
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