One Night pt. 27*

IMPORTANT: This is a steamy, steamy part! I put this part in three sections. The second section is the adult content and there will be a text photo telling you when it starts. There will be a text photo telling you when it ends.


WARNING: Mature, sexual content

- Hoseok's point of view - Boram's coming next week! I've been even louder and happier than usual. I can barely sit still, I can barely think! It's going to be so nice to spend time with her. It'll be so nice to hold her and kiss her. Just looking at her in person will make my heart melt. I just can't wait. I'm excited to be with her again. Too excited I think. I look forward to spending time with her, but I'm seriously looking forward to the sex. Can't blame me. Over a year with nothing, I'm dying for her. Downright desperate. A week. A whole week. This really sucks though. She comes all the way here to see me and I can't go on dates with her or anything. You know what, why not? Why can't I just have a girlfriend? She's been with me for this long, so I'm not just wanting to tell people about a relationship that wouldn't even last. I think I should be able to have a girlfriend. If some of the female fans stop liking me as much, there's six other guys for them to fawn over. I don't think it'd ruin anything. I don't think it'd be so bad that they'd make me leave the group because I was wrecking the fan base or something. I'm going to talk to someone. I am. Today I'm going to tell them I have a girlfriend that I love. That I've been with her for over a year and there's absolutely no signs of it ending. I'll assure them that she loves me and she's not using me because of who I am. I should be able to take her out on dates. I'm human, I should be able to be in love and not have to hide it. I'd love to show her off to the world, and have people know that this beautiful, sexy, sweet, and amazing woman is my girlfriend. If I took her on really low-key dates, then I bet no one would even notice. I'm not so famous that people follow me around all the time. She deserves a boyfriend who doesn't have to hide her. She probably feels bad having to be a secret. She already worries so much about me being ashamed of her, this can't possibly be helping that. She kind of has low self-esteem, I don't want to make it lower. I want to make it higher. That's what boyfriends do. I refuse to take no for an answer. ... - Boram's point of view - I'm so excited! It's been a year and three months since I last saw him. Since this all started. Now I finally get to see him again! It's times like these that I'm glad I'm a bartender. It's not a huge deal if I'm gone for a week and a half. Half a week staying with family and a week with him. I found a relatively decent priced hotel and I worked my ass off with extra hours so I could afford it. I worked hard for those tips, had to waitress a lot more than usual to try to make more, but it's not that terrible. Plus it definitely worked out. The plane ticket is about the only thing I let my parents help me out with, but they do that whenever I come since we all go to visit family together. I never ask for anything from them so they pretty much insist on it. They still think this relationship I'm in is a bit strange. However, as expected they were okay with it. Surprisingly when I told them about how he treats me, they said he sounded nice, before I even said he was Korean. My dad must have finally arrived to the twenty-first century. I'll admit the famous rapper part made them question my sanity a bit. Regardless, they're happy that I'm happy. I can't even contain myself! I love seeing my family, but it's hard to not want to leave right now. Just one more day and I'll be seeing him. I swear he's more excited than I am though. Mostly because he wants to introduce me to his friends so badly. I'm nervous to meet them though. Only Namjoon knows much about me. He says he's never even shown my picture to any of them. So only Namjoon and Yoongi know what I look like. I don't know what they expect me to look like. Yoongi. I'm not sure what I'll do about that. I'm not mad at him, but I'm sure he feels bad about everything, not to mention embarrassed. He'll probably feel awkward knowing what he did to me. It's been long enough that I don't particularly care about it anymore. I was told that he wasn't like that so I can't hold what he did against him. I know what it's like to not be able to fully control your actions. Hoseok said he's been feeling really good since he got help. He said he even feels a lot better than before since his mood disorder is being treated. Hopefully that means everything will go smoothly. ... He said he'd come to my room today. He wanted to come right away, but I at least wanted an hour to make myself decent after being in transit for a while to get here. He should be here any time now. I'm so excited, but I'm nervous too. I look at myself in the mirror. I have a sexy dress on, one that's easy to get off though. I hate strapless things though, no matter how quality they are I swear I have to keep pulling it up every fifteen minutes because of my chest. I can't complain though. The world has the technology to reduce them, but I'd miss them. This is such a weird inner monolog. I got a little distracted there. Can't even keep myself focused. I hear a knock at the door. I almost squeal. I run to the door. I stop and look through the peephole in the door to make sure it's him. Yep, he's so damn cute. I take a deep breath and open the door. He doesn't even get a chance to say anything before I grab his shirt and pull him into the room. I slam the door, grab his shoulders, and shove him against it. I pull him into a kiss that's got a year's worth of passion behind it. He gives me one right back. For a minute he's so taken by surprise that he doesn't even think to put his hands on me. Once he does though, they're moving everywhere like he's making sure I'm really there. He definitely wants to make sure my butt is there, I'm not sure when he'll take his hand off of it. I move my hand up the back of his neck. I run my fingers through his hair a little; it's so soft, I love it. I missed his body. We're barely getting any breaths in between kisses, but I don't care. There'll be time to breathe later. He turns us around so I'm the one against the door. I remember this feeling. This feeling of being enveloped by his energy. He pulls my hands down and let's them fall to my sides. He puts his hands on my shoulders and grazes my arms with his fingers, moving downward until he reaches my hands. He holds them for a second then interlocks his fingers with mine. I missed his hands. This closeness is what I missed. There's barely any space between us. He let's go of my hands and pulls up one of my legs and I wrap it around his hip. I put my arms around his neck to pull him closer. He picks me up, putting me against the door, and I wrap my legs around him. This is a first. I like it. I didn't think we could get more intense, but the moment he picked me up everything was taken up a notch. Our mouths are hot and we're desperate for that heat. We crave the warmth from our bodies. We've grown cold from being apart for a year and need to melt some of that ice that's formed. He kisses my neck. "Hoseok I missed you so much. I thought about you every day. I was so lonely without your touch. I wanted to be with you so bad. I wanted to be in your arms and sleep by you again. I'm so happy right now, you have no idea. I've been dreaming of this since the day I left Korea." He stops and looks at me. "I missed you more than you can imagine. The thought of being with you again has kept me motivated all year. You've motivated me to do so much. I don't think I could have gone much longer without you though. I was ready to run away and go to America to see you. I've been tortured for the last week having to wait for you. Each minute more excruciating than the last." "I love you." "I love you, too." We exchange more deep kisses that are less rushed and more thoughtful. They're more purposeful because we've gotten rid of a lot of that pent up sexual tension. Now all that's left is a slow burning love. This is so new. I've never felt something like this. I'm yearning for him, yet I'm content because he's right here. I want more though. I pull away and rest my forehead against his. I close my eyes, just feeling the energy flowing between us. "Boram?" "I want you. Right now." He smirks. "Right now?" I bite my lip and nod. "You don't want to wait a little longer." "No." He smiles. "Ask nicely." I place my hand gently on his cheek, I caress it with my thumb. "Hoseok. Will you please give me more of you? I'd love it if you would, because I want you too much to wait any longer." I pull him into a warm, soft kiss. When we separate he looks like he's fallen in love all over again. He slowly nods. "I can do that. I'll give you so much more." He sets me down. I smile. "Did you get a good night's sleep last night?" He laughs a little, it's a relaxed laugh. It's sexy and masculine. "I made sure I did, so I could give you my all today. "I assume it'll be even more amazing than last time then?" He nods. "You better fuckin believe it. You wanted me to make you scream my name remember? I plan to grant that wish." He picks me up bridal style and I put my arms around his neck as I look at his profile. He sits on the bed so that I'm sitting in his lap. He wraps his arms around my waist and just looks at me. I sit and I admire him. "You've gotten even more handsome. You look more mature and serious." He smiles and looks down. His cheeks blush just a little. "I'm glad you think so." I reach out and move his face so he's looking at me. "I don't think it, I know it. It's been a year Hoseok, you may not see it, but I do. You look more like a man. It may not all be things that physically changed, some of it may be your attitude. You've matured and it's extremely attractive." "You're embarrassing me." "You shouldn't be. You don't need to be embarrassed with me." He straightens his back for a moment and takes a deep breath. He relaxes again as he breathes out. "Okay. I'll try not to be embarrassed anymore." "Good. That makes things more free and without restraint." "Sounds perfect."

He makes me stand up. At first I'm confused until he centers me between his legs and pulls one of my knees onto the bed. I get the idea and put my knee on the other side of him and straddle his lap. He runs his hand along my leg. "You liked this didn't you?" I nod. "I did." He smirks. "Why was that again?" I guess he has lost a bit of his embarrassment if he's wanting me to talk like this. I drape my arms on his shoulders. "I believe it was because I liked being able to feel you getting hard underneath me." "That's right, and what happened when you felt that?" He's definitely grown up. "When I felt you get hard, it made me very wet." "Should we see if that's still true?" I move closer and just as our lips are about to touch, I whisper, "Yes please." Then close the gap. It's not long before I start unbuttoning his shirt. I want to feel his smooth skin. I want to feel his body getting hot. When I undo them all, I run my hands all over this body I've been missing. Must be the off season. He's got a tiny bit of a tummy. I like it, it feels nice. He's gorgeous either way. I'm glad he's confident still, it makes him even more sexy. He pulls my hips closer to him. I can feel him underneath me. I moan a little. After a minute he starts moving my hips back and forth slowly. I start breathing a little heavier and leaning into the kisses more. He pulls away for a moment. He speaks in a low tone, "Well?" "Want to find out for yourself?" "Yes." He gently moves me onto my back on the bed. Before I know it he has my dress hiked up a bit and he's taking off my panties. He's so good at taking control when it comes to this. He spreads my legs. He starts slowly kissing my inner thigh. His kisses are heated, and I'm dying just from anticipation. He starts rubbing me as he moves his kisses upward. He pauses and bites his lip. He speaks in the same low, raspy voice, "Fuck, you're definitely wet." I moan a little, just that simple statement made his touch better. His tongue is hot as he starts to lick me. The sensation is intense. The movement is smooth and precise; it's incredibly overwhelming. The difference between this and fingers is immense. It just doesn't compare. I'm moaning. It's not going to take long for me to finish, he's skilled with that tongue of his. My legs are shaking, my toes are curling, and I'm breathing so heavy. My voice is light as I talk, "I'm almost there. You're so good." I guess he needed the encouragement, he somehow steps it up even more. I reach my climax, but he keeps going. It's too much. My body hasn't gotten a chance to relax and the feeling is being sent up my spine. "Hoseok. Stop, please." He pauses for a moment. I catch my breath and relax a little while he talks. "No. You came too fast. It feels really good to know I'm doing that well. I like that feeling, so I'm not going to stop until you tap out and push me away. Understood?" I can't respond before he's back at it. Doesn't he get tired? I didn't finish that quickly. Never mind. I'm sure he can go for a long time, he's a rapper. One more. One more and I'll tap out. It feels good so I don't mind. "You're amazing." If he thought I came quick the first time, he'll be surprised how much faster it was this time. I'm about to climax, but the sensations leading up to it take longer and are stronger than the first time. It's like torture on my body, but in the best way. I'm practically writhing in pleasure. I finally peak and I let out a loud moan; which is followed by smaller ones as I attempt, and fail, to catch my breath. "No more. I can't do it." He keeps going. I sit up and push him away. I fall backwards again and as soon as he's out of the way, I press my knees together. He sits back up and wipes off his mouth. He's smiling proudly as he admires his work and what he's done to me. He's left my body weak and I'm breathing heavy. "How'd I do for my first time?" I shake my head a little. "No way. That wasn't. Just no." "Do you really think I'd ever bothered with that for girls who didn't matter? No. I wanted to see if I could get you off like you wanted me too. That's why I didn't stop, because you were feeling good and I loved making you that way." I'm glad he's giving me a chance to recover for a minute. Though I think it's only so I can stroke his ego a bit. "Well if you're telling the truth, then you've been blessed by God himself with a mouth like yours." "Oh wow. I didn't expect that much." He pauses. "Do you eat a lot of fruit?" "I guess?" "That makes sense." "Why?" "You were sweet. Very sweet." I feel my cheeks blush. "Who's getting embarrassed now? Why? I'm just telling you that I thought you tasted like the best fruit I've ever had the pleasure to taste." "I hate you." "Is that any way to treat someone who just worked so hard to make you finish?" I sit up and crawl to where he is on the bed. He smirks. "Well?" I grab his shirt and pull him into a kiss. Making him crawl to me as I lean back and sit up. He sits up in front of me and holds me gently as we exchange tender kisses. He pulls down the zipper on the back of my dress and I put my arms around his neck so the top falls. He brushes my stomach, hips, and back with his finger tips. He cups my breast in his hand. He massages it like he's burning the feel of it into his memory. I sink into these kisses even deeper; it feels so good to be touched by him. I pull him forward as I lie back down so that he's leaning over me. He leans back after a few minutes and pulls my dress off. He must enjoy taking my clothes off. He removes his shirt. He looks so serious. The word sexy doesn't do him justice. His attitude in bed is truly something else, I count myself so lucky to be the only one who gets to enjoy it. He doesn't just lean back over me, he almost falls over me. He's becoming a little forceful. The passion is still there, it's just more raw. His kisses nearly take the life out of me. They're demanding. I put my arms around him and pull him closer, allowing myself be taken over by him. He slides his hand up my side. He grabs my breast with more force. I gasp a little and dig my nails into his back, and he twitches. I drag them down his arms, remembering how much he liked it. He moans during a kiss and I'm hooked on those tantalizing noises again. I trip him up and push him fall to his side. I get on top of him. I grab his wrists hard and pin them down. I kiss his chest a few times and then give him a bite. His back arches a little and he moans. I do it again but a little harder. I get the same reaction, but he tries to move his hands. I immediately grip them harder and push them down again. He's even enjoying this, I can see it on his face. I go to kiss him, but I tease him; I get so close and then pull away. After a few times, I can tell he's getting impatient. He's frustrated. I loosen my grip a little and do it again. I let him break free and pull me against him into a kiss that relieves his frustration. I run my fingers through his hair, gently pulling it and reveling in the moan I get in return. He suddenly pushes me away from him. He shoves my leg over him so I'm not on top anymore. He undoes his pants and takes them off. He roughly grabs the same leg and brings it back over him. He lies back with his eyes closed and his hands on my hips, obviously waiting for me. I slide him into me and lose my breath for a moment. "I missed your cock." I'd be embarrassed saying that, if I hadn't said it in my head so many times that it just came out by itself. He bites his lip, grips my hips hard, and moves me at the speed he wants. He's moving them a bit on the slow side. When I have the ability to make coherent sentences now and then, I ask him things that I know he'll like. "Are you doing it slow so you can enjoy every moment?" His voice is breathy as he answers, "Yeah." "Is it as good as you remember?" "Better." "Is it tight?" He just nods. This is nice being on top. It feels amazing because I control the angle, and I get to watch as I drive him crazy. "Do you like knowing that you're making me feel so good?" "God, yes." "Does it make you hotter?" "So much." I moan a little and dig my nails into his chest where my hands are resting; his back arches a little again and he holds in a moan. "Don't be quiet. I love hearing those noises you make. They make me shiver." He moans again so I can hear it. "I want it louder." I dig my nails in again and drag them down his chest a bit. He let's out a louder moan. I start moving faster. He starts breathing deep. "Say my name." "Boram." "Again." "Boram." "Louder." I scratch him along his ribs. "Boram!" "Good. Do you like saying my name?" He nods. "Do you like when I'm in charge?" "It's sexy." "Does it make this feel better?" "Yeah." "Are you going to cum harder?" "Yes." "Who's going to make you cum?" "You are." I moan. "This feels so fucking good. Did you know you could make me feel this good?" "I can always make you feel good. Remember that." "And if I forget?" "I'll make you remember. I'll remind you as many times as it takes for you to know that I'm the only one who can do this to you." "I think I see myself having a very bad memory in the future." "Who makes you feel good?" "I don't remember." In a few seconds I find myself on my back. Shortly after I feel him thrust into me. I gasp and grip the sheets. He keeps going and every single thrust is perfect. "Now tell me. Who makes you feel so fucking good?" "Hoseok." "Is there any other man who can get you off like I can?" "No. There never will be." "Who's the only man you'll ever need?" "You." "Who am I? Scream it out. I want everyone to hear who's fucking you this great." "Jung Hoseok!" "Again!" "Hoseok I'm almost there! Don't stop!" He keeps going and god it's beautiful. "Please!" I can feel it. I'm so damn close. He gives it his all and he gets me there. I moan and it's loud. Ecstasy, bliss, relief, fulfilled. I feel so much that I'm not sure which of them is the strongest. They all are. I'm completely taken over by him. He has me. "Thank you." "We're not done yet." "I know." "I want you on all fours." "What?" "All fours. Now." I can't say deny that assertiveness. He pulls out and I get on my hands and knees. Not sure how long I can stay up like this, I'm completely spent. He digs his fingers into my hips as he slides into me. I moan and my back arches as he repeatedly hits my g-spot. I missed this so much. I grip the sheets tight. He's absolutely killing me. I fall to me elbows. "Am I wearing you out?" "Yes." "Do you still want more?" "Yes. Faster." He goes faster. It feels amazing, but I can't make a noise even if I wanted to when I'm barely able to catch my breath. He puts a hand on my back. He drags his nails down it and I cry out. He hasn't done that before, but I can see myself getting addicted. He does it again even harder and I cry out again. That was almost painful. He let's out a moan and slows down. "Did you cum?" "Shh...yes." Why is he still moving? "Are you okay?" "Shh..." I swear if he shushes me one more time. "Why-"

He removes himself and shoves me away from him. He flops onto his back and closes his eyes. "What the hell!" I go over to him and am about to hit him on the chest when he catches my hand and pulls it, causing me to fall forward onto him. He tightly wraps his arms around me. "I missed seeing you in person. I missed it so much. You're so damn beautiful. I wasn't joking when I said you were a goddess, Boram. For me, you truly are a radiant goddess who's blessed me by allowing me into her life. Thank you." "You're too much. Why are you such a poet with verses like honey? Lines that drip with a sweetness that I'll get addicted to. Forcing me to never be able to live without those delicious words you give me." "Since I first touched you, I wanted you to crave only me. I wanted you to be unable to go through life without me. That's been my goal. Have I been successful?" "Yes. You've reached your goal. I'd go into shock without you satisfying me with the way you treat me. I've become reliant on you to share this love with me. You're a necessity and you always will be. I need you Hoseok." He rolls us over and leans down, kissing me in a way I've honestly never been kissed. It's heartwarming. I can feel every ounce of love that he has for me. I feel so important to him. Yet it's also heartbreaking. It breaks my heart from the thought that there could be a day where I won't ever receive a kiss like this again. I refuse to ever live without this man. I'll do whatever I have to in order to be allowed to stay by his side. He pulls away. My voice is shakey. "Don't ever leave me behind. Allow me to be yours. I won't ever be happy if I don't have you." He holds my cheek and shakes his head. "Have you honestly not realized yet that I'm following you? From the moment I saw you, I was trying to make my way into your life. I begged you to be with me. It's me who doesn't want to be left behind. If it's up to me, I'll make sure this won't ever end."


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