So I'm going to run through the WHOLE experience beginning to end. Woke up around 6am and we headed to be venue House of Blues Chicago around 9am. Crazy I know but we'd planned it out with our Epik Sisters to be first in line to get front row right along the stage barrier. And we did! Though we weren't the very first ones in line.. Right as we got to where the line would start a girl came from right behind us and cut infront of us with a snarky lil 'sorry!' then proceeded to call two of her friends to join her. I really wanted to slap her for that. But we and others continued to have problems with them for the rest of the day and later during the concert. (more about that later.) It was really cold out so my eyes are red and hair's a mess in the second picture. First one is my sister, my Kpop concert partner in crime. Third is the Epik Sisters minus one who couldn't go. My sister, me, Blanca, and her sister Febe. Fourth is Tim! We love Tim so much lol. We met him at the Epik High concert last summer and he's such a sweetheart and SO cute! He works for SIVA Group but he's also a model and singer. He tried out for SMTM5 and either Gray or Simon D was his judge but he wouldn't tell us who. Fifth is J.Lee (Jana Lee) she also works for SIVA Group and is very nice and funny. Again we saw Her last time at Epik High too. Her and Tim are the main crowd relations people. They keep you informed about what's going on and what to do and try to keep you entertained while you wait in line. *If you keep an eye out when you get into the venues you might just see the SIVA Group CEO too. He's also pretty good looking!

SHOW START! - Simon Dominic!


NEXT UP - Gray (the bae) & Loco!

These two! Oh my goodness the adorable hotness on stage together was too much! You think Gray is hot in pictures? Sooo much better in life I'm telling you. And Loco?! OMG soo handsome and SHY oh my gosh! He smiles a lot and it's so cute. Locking eyes with him and he just heart almost stopped like no joke guys. Gray.. My Gray.. His voice is honey. Their set was great too. Little more low key than Simon D but still had it's lit moments. Loco had some good energy even though he said he was feeling a lil bit sick like Jay. He didn't reach out to any fans during the whole concert but I think that's cause he's shy and wasn't feeling 100%. Gray looked a lil tired but delivered a really good performance. He did reach out to some fans, more so towards the end of the show. He even took some fans phone's for selfies! Jay did this as well at the end of the night!


Last solo set of the night was of course Jay's. His set was amazing if not as high energy and lit as one would expect from Jay Park. But that was due to the fact he was visibly not feeling the best and also coughing during some parts of some songs which broke my heart. But he was still smiling and having fun with us. He tried to make it the best experience possible despite them all being jetlagged and mostly sick. My favorite part of the whole concert was when we the whole crowd sang 'Joah' with Jay and you could tell he loved it too.


I can now die happy. I saw Jay's beautiful abs up close and personal! LOL but really it's a beautiful sight you need to see for yourself at least once. Completely unfair but he even let some girls down at the end of the stage TOUCH his abs!! Why wasn't I down there?! TT^TT

Someone threw panties on stage and Simon D was very amused as was Jay! LOL! Loco also got some and the person who threw them up there also gave all of them condoms too lol. Loco was the first to get one and when he first looked at it you could tell he wasn't sure what it was but when he did his face was so funny! They even gave him another to give DJ Pumpkin and he did.@PassTheSuga someone did it! I have a few more pics and a video I wanted to post but I've reached my limit on this card so I'll have to do a part 2 later. I had a great time and if you are going get ready to turn up cause it really was lit AF!

Hey I'm Kelly, or KellBells whichever, and I love Kpop, Kdramas, food and funny stuff!
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