Lies Hidden, Secrets Revealed Part 2

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As your mother pulls up to the curb, You see Mark standing there all alone fiddling with his petite, slender fingers. You smiled briefly as you get out of the car. You walk towards him with pride with your head held high.

"Hey Mark!" You greeted him hesitantly.

"Hi (Y/N)..." He said shyly, Which made his cheeks freakishly red.

"Why are you here all alone?" You had asked him before you realized how freaking stalkerish that sounded, "I mean like...Your friends aren't with you?"

"I'm just waiting for my dongsaeng, JB." You rolled your eyes to the sound of his name. You thought to yourself, 'He has the intials of Justin Beiber (JB), And everyone thinks he's a douchebag!'

(Please don't hurt me I'm scared of Beliebers I swear to god!)

"What about your other dongsaengs? Like BamBam." He looks at you with cute puppy eyes, "Well BamBam is already here but he likes to check the classes schedules for like any tests or something like that."

'Hmm....He's a good boy.' You told yourself in thought. Of course being the potential shy boy he is, He interupts your thoughts and wonders by shyly asking you,

"Can you stick around? I don't want to be lonely."

"Alright." You hesitated, "Since I'm here, Tell me their names...I only know you, BamBam and...JB..."

He chuckles to himself as his pretty, twinkling eyes look into yours without breaking away, "Well, There is Jackson, Junior (Jr.), Youngjae and Yugyeom. Yugyeom is the tall one, Jackson has blonde hair, Junior has pouty lips and Youngjae has aegyo sal, alomond shaped eyes."

"Thanks Mark..." You stuttered as you lightly punch his shoulder, Making him blush to the max. You felt yourself getting red until you see JB turn around the corner,

"YO HYUNG!" He yelled loudly, "Why are you talking to that ugly duckling?!"

"Who you calling ugly?!" You yelled, "You Sweetie!" He yells back with confidence.

You ignore him as he yells for more...

"Hey Munchkin~ Come here." He says as he puts his arm around you looking down at Mark.

"Want to sit with us at lunch?" He asks. Of Course, You hesitate but...You knew Ju, Your best friend, Has a little thing for BamBam.

"Alright but...Can my friends sit with me?" You asked him with puppy eyes.

"Fine but on one condition..."

'F**k!,' You thought to yourself. "What is it JB..." You muttered.

"You have to sit next to me and admit to all my friends...That you think I'm the most hottest guy in school..Wait! Even better...The most hottest guy you have ever met in your entire life!"

You look at him unpleasingly; Just like Mark. "Your really delusional aren't you?" Mark asks him with a smirk.

You move JB's arm away from you to walk away, but, he catches up saying,

"Hey isn't your friend's name Ju?" He shyly asks.

"Yeah, Ju Martinez.." You replied in concern.

"Is she nice to you? Does she have a thing for Daewon?"

You blinked many times to hear his questions, You look at him with confusion.

"Of course she's nice to me, And No, Daewon is not into her like that..."

"Alright..." He stutters before he looks around to see if anyone was watching. He pinches your cheeks as he says,

"See your pretty eyes later."


You walk into class and sit in the back row away from everyone til the teacher, Mr. Lee, Tells you to sit next to a boy...You go to sit next to him with eager in your mind. You look at him to recognize a certain feature about him, He has aegyo sal, alomond shaped eyes.

He seemed to notice you back because he whispers, "Isn't your name (Y/N)?"

You nodded slightly with a hum in tune. You ask him shyly, "Isn't your name Youngjae? Or was it Yugyeom?"

He chuckles quietly into his hand as he corrects you, "I'm Youngjae, Choi Youngjae."

"Nice to meet you Youngjae, I'm (Y/N).." You looked into his eyes as he smiled brightly. You couldn't help yourself but blush extremely hard. You look through your notes to remember you forgot them at home.

"Youngjae....Can I see your notes?" You asked him shyly. He hands them to you as his hand stutters. You smiled to think to yourself, 'Why is he acting so shy? Does he act like this with every girl?'


You walk into the lunchroom empty handed as you eye Mark from across from the room. You walk to him with your head full of pride, "Hey Markie~ Where's JB?"

"He is coming with his other friends." He sighs.

"Are you okay Oppa? You seem...saddened a bit..." You questioned him with a worried look. He nods a yes as his eyes seem to blank out. You go to sit in front of him as you hear a door open loudly. You look up to see Mark's other friends.

"Hey Hyung!" The guy with blonde hair exclaims.

"(Y/N), This is Jackson.." He introduces as he points to the same guy with the blonde hair. "This is Yugyeom, The tall one; This is Junior, Who has pouty lips."

You smiled at them caringly as Yugyeom grieves, "So I'm just the tall one now?"

"Well yeah..." He chuckles.

"Well nice to meet you, Yugyeom; I'm (Y/N)." You greeted nicely. He smiled at you with those cute fluffy cheeks of his.

After about a few careless minutes, JB and BamBam finally show up with Ju beside them. You smiled to see her blushing as she laughs with BamBam.

"Hey Ju~ Where is Daewon?" You asked.

"Oh...He's sick with the flu." She says without hesitation. You grumble to yourself as you just sit there in silence. You felt a pursuing arm lay against your shoulders as you look over you to see JB being the greedy flirt he is.

"Hey Munchkin~ Missed me?" He asks you wonderly. You chuckled to yourself as he pets you cutely.


I smiled to see Ju smile down at the floor. As she starts to snort a little, She laughs harder to the point where she couldn't breathe cause of such long laughter.I look at (Y/N) to see her laughing at Hyung's words, And he isn't even that funny! What does he have that I don't?

"Hey BamBam..." Ju whispers to me seductively. "Can you like...Get me some water please?"

I gulped drastically, "Sure...Be right back..."

"Wait up BamBam!" (Y/N) yelled as she ran towards me. She smiles with those cute cheeks of hers, "I'll hang with you..I needed a break from JB anyway."

I chuckle as I grabbed a bottle of water. She grabs a bottle of water with hesitation,

"Something wrong?" I asked her.

"Oh No..It's Nothing...I was just grabbing some water for JB Oppa."

**AFTER SCHOOL** (Your Perspective)

You stood by the school gate as you waited for your mother to pick you up. You felt sudden vibration from your back pocket as you snapped back into reality. You take out your phone to look down at a text.

"Hey Honey~ I'm sorry I can't pick you up today I have errands. You're gonna have to walk home."

You sighed as you put away your phone. You look over your shoulder to see Mark again.

"Hey Oppa~ What are you up too?" You wondered.

"I'm waiting for Jackson to get out of detention."

"Do you always have to wait for them? " You asked his carelessly.

"Yes, They're my dongsaengs. I take care of them. They're like my little brothers. In a way."

You smiled as you see Jackson walking down the hall.

"Markie Pooh!" He yells as he backhugs Mark, Making him feel embarrased.

"Markie Pooh?" You questioned.

"Markie Pooh is Mark and Winnie the Pooh." Jackson replies with aegyo in his smile. You chuckled as they start to walk with you.

Eventually as time past, You and Jackson had walked Mark home. Now it's time for him to walk you home.

"You know...You are super chill." He compliments. You smile like a idiot as he continues,

"I think that's why Hyung likes you.."

"JB?" You thought.

"No Silly~ Mark Hyung." He tells you with joy. You thought to yourself, 'Why would he like me? We don't know each other very well, What would JB think about it?'

"Why do you think that Oppa?" You muttered.

"Because...He is always smiling whenever your around or when he hears your name, He blushes an awfully lot, He is painfully shy around the girls he likes, He always fixes his posture when he sees you walk into a room, And, He always compliments you but not directly at you."

"Really? He Does? Like What?" You asked.

"Well he says that you are really pretty and nice. Also that you're very intelligent."

You giggled to hear his words. You look over to see your home around the corner.

"Well...Here is my stop." You sighed. He hugs you with brotherly love as you smiled a lot.

"I'll see you tomorrow (Y/N)...Later Sweets.."


So Oppa...How is it so far?


Okay Sorry but at least tell me what you thought about that "BamBam" character..


I Totally Agree!


I feel you Amber!

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