What's your favorite animation studio? {NC}

There's absolutely no doubt about this one: Studio Ghibli

I can't think of any anime I love more than the amazingness that they produce.@Invinsybll


I mean, am I the only one who just gets that homie feeling in their heart when they watch their movies? I have a Ghibli day every two weeks where I sit down and binge watch their movies while eating a gallon of ice cream.

I'm crazily obsessed with art, I love watching anime, I enjoy playing the xylophone, and reading manga (especially Naruto and Akatsuki no yona over & over again) is a daily thing for me. I crave adventures and am always trying new weird things. My ultimate goal is to be an animator at Studio Ghibli - and if it isn't too late by the time I get there, I would be grateful to have Joe Hisashi make the music for the movie I dream of working on. My goal is to master drawing anime and move to Japan.
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