BTS Love Cycle: Suga & Jimin

Jimin found himself waking up early and in Suga’s bed holding onto Suga’s favorite neck pillow. He quickly showered and dressed and left the dorm, taking a taxi to the hospital. Jimin was allowed into Suga’s room, once inside he walks slowly towards Suga who was still asleep. Jimin pulls up a chair and takes Suga’s hand. Jimin didn’t notice but Suga was starting to wake up with the sound of the chair being dragged on the floor.

“Please wake up hyung, I need to talk to you.” Jimin says. Clasping Suga’s hand in his. Jimin rests his head on his hands and prays that Suga will wake up soon. Suga slowly opens his eyes and turns his head. All he can see at the moment is a red head holding his hands.

“Jimin-ah, what’s going on?” Suga speaks hoarsely. Jimin raises his head and smiles at Suga.

“Hyung, your awake!” Jimin jumps out of his seat and hugs Suga. Suga would usually have his “what do you think you’re doing face” but it was Jimin after all, and he was enjoying the moment of having Jimin hold him.

“You scared me, I thought I was going to lose you” Jimin says to Suga holding him tight. “You can’t leave me hyung, I’d be lost without you.” Jimin pulls away from Suga, Suga is smiling at Jimin and takes his hand to Jimin’s face to wipe Jimin’s tears away. Jimin didn’t notice he was crying.

“Don’t cry Jimin-ah, I’m okay right, I’m right here I’m not going anywhere. I promise.” Suga reassures Jimin. “Thank you for worrying about me, it means you really care about me.” Suga smiles.

“Of course I care about you, I lov.” Jimin stops and Suga’s eyes crease waiting for Jimin to finish what he was going to say.

“I, um, I have to let the guys know your awake, their waiting.” Jimin says clearing his throat. Jimin gets up and leaves Suga’s room to call Namjoon. “Oh boy, that was close, my heart is betting so fast it’s going to come out my chest.” Jimin thought to himself.

“Hello, oh Jimin, uhhuh yeah sure thanks we’ll be there in 10.” Namjoon said. Namjoon hangs up the phone and looks at the group, who were anxiously waiting for the news on Suga.

“He’s awake!” Namjoon says. The boys jump up and hug each other, they are all grateful that their friend pulled through. “Let’s go see him.” Namjoon said. It didn’t take long for the guys to get ready and rush to the hospital. They find Jimin in the waiting room.

“Hey guys!” Jimin yells. They wave at each other and walk faster towards Jimin.

“So he’s okay, he’s awake. Does he know what happened?” Tae asks. Jimin put his hand out to get him to shut up.

“Let’s go see him.” Jimin replies.

The boys practically fall over themselves trying to get through Suga’s door. Suga couldn’t help but laugh at the idiots.

“SUGA SUGA!!” the boys shout. They reach Suga’s bed and each of them give him a hug, well everyone but Tae. Tae stays in the back hiding. Suga notices and calls Tae over to him. Tae walks slowly with his head down towards Suga. Jimin helps him by pushing him forward.

“Tae, what are you doing come here.” Suga says. Tae waiting for a scolding from Suga was surprised when Suga reached for him pulling him into a hug.

“I know Tae, it wasn’t your fault, it was just an accident.” Suga whispers into Tae’s ear. Tae sobs and holds Suga tighter.

“I’m so sorry hyung, I’ll be more careful I promise.” Tae says in between sobs. Sometimes Tae can be a big child. That’s what the group loved about him. After the reunion the boys leave, the boys have some schedules that week and were busy. Jimin kept his schedule open as much as he could just in case Suga needed him.

It’s been about a week and Suga was getting restless in the hospital. The doctor told him he could go home the next day. So he had to make sure and let someone know to pick him up. Suga didn’t think long before he thought of calling Jimin.

“Hey hyung, how you feeling today? Good I hope, we need you home, we miss you.” Jimin says. Suga just laughs.

“That’s why I’m calling, Jimin-ah, the doc said I could go home tomorrow could you pick me up?” Suga asks. Jimin was excited that Suga was allowed to come home.

“Sure hyung I’ll bring you home.” Jimin said with a smile on his face. Suga felt his heart flutter again. Suga hangs up the phone and lays his head back on the bed closing his eyes.

“Damn that kid, he’s going to drive me crazy.” Suga said to himself. Suga’s manager said that he would give him a couple days to get back into the swing of things. Suga hasn’t been slacking in the hospital he’s been writing lyrics down, he’s had nothing but time, Suga was becoming restless, he doesn’t like to be stagnate for long.

The next day Jimin goes to the hospital to pick up Suga, he brought Suga’s favorite neck pillow. The other boys had prior engagements, Jimin asked if he could take care of Suga while he was down and the manager accepted the request.

“Suga!” Jimin shouts at him waving his hand. Suga just smiles and thinks to himself “he is just too cute; I want to kiss him.” Suga shakes his head he wondered how many more times he’s going to have those thoughts, not like Jimin feels the same about him.

“Let’s get out of here Jimin, I’m about to go crazy.” Suga said as he gets up from the wheel chair. Suga grabs Jimin’s arm for support, he got up to fast and felt like he was dizzy.

“Careful there hyung, we don’t want you back in the hospital.” Jimin said with a chuckle. Suga looks at him and sneers.

“Just get in the car will ya.” Suga said. Jimin nods and opens the door for Suga and helps him get into the passenger seat. After shutting the door, Jimin runs to the driver’s seat and gets in. He’s about to buckle his seat belt when he noticed Suga hadn’t buckled his yet. Jimin moves over and grabs the seat belt buckling Suga in. Suga wasn’t prepared for the closeness and took a deep breath. Being this close to Jimin was dangerous for Suga since he wanted to kiss him so badly. Jimin felt Suga being tense and smirks while licking his lip and biting the bottom lip. Suga gulps and licks his own lips and turns his face away. Jimin was satisfied with this reaction and quickly moves away from Suga. Jimin was going to have fun teasing his hyung for a while.

“Oh hyung, I brought your girlfriend.” Jimin says as he reaches to the back of the passenger seat and hands Suga his neck pillow. Suga’s eyes get wide.

“Jagiya! Thanks Jimin-ah” Suga says, Jimin watches Suga place the pillow around his neck.

“Stop!” Jimin says. Suga looks at him confused. Jimin took this opportunity to reach over and hook the pillow and while he was close he looks up at Suga and presses his lips against his kissing him. Suga’s eyes are wide with shock he was not expecting Jimin to make a move like this.

It doesn’t take long for Suga to melt into Jimin’s kiss, he enjoyed the feeling of Jimin’s plump lips on his and what started as a small peck on the lips became a hot make out session but he enjoyed the feeling of Jimin’s lips and kissed him back. What started as a small peck, Jimin presses his tongue against Suga’s lips wanting him to allow him access. Suga opens his mouth granting access to Jimin, at that moment Jimin’s phone goes off, Jimin quickly pulls away leaving Suga in a daze. Jimin picks up his phone and sees a text from J-hope. Jimin will respond later. Jimin closes the message and looks down at Suga’s bulge. Jimin smirks at the fact he could turn Suga on with just a kiss. I guess Suga does like him.

Suga adjusts himself and motions for Jimin to move and start driving.

“Okay man, let’s go home.” Suga said as he cleared his throat.






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