Kendall Jenner's Heels Could KILL


If there's anything a Jenner knows how to do, it's how to make an entrance. Kendall Jenner was a striking leg show at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards red carpet in L.A. on Saturday, April 9. Absolutely stunning, Jenner posed in all black Balmain with a black chocker collar and plunging laced neckline but it's her high laced heels that stole the show.

But when you're the face of Calvin Klein and Estee Lauder, even Jenner needed a little extra help from her glam squad to make sure every shoe lace was in place for the big night. Though everyone was putting their focus on Jenner's legs, her hair was also in a fun three teased ball ponytail done by none other than Kardashian-Jenner hairstylist, Jen Atkin. From head to foot, Jenner looked flawless per usual.

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What do you think of think of Jenner's lacy look?

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