Stupid Fights: How To Get Over Them


I can't tell you how many stupid arguments I have gotten into with my friends.

They usually end with one of us googling the answer and no matter who is right we both feel horrible afterwards. I'm laughing thinking back at how dumb we were, but in the moment I was so angry!!

Here are a few ways to acknowledge, accept, and move on from one of those arguments.


1. Admit that the issue is bigger than the argument.

You're arguing over something so minuscule and stupid and chances are both of you are aware of that. Own up to it and explain what really set you off. Maybe it was something they said a few days ago that you haven't let go of, maybe you're hungry, maybe you just feel like arguing even though its dumb.


2. Ask for what you need.

Do you need a second to cool off, to be alone? Does your partner need you to tell a really lame joke? Do you both just need to admit its stupid, go get a coffee, and chill?

Tell them what you need and tell them you'll be ready to be reasonable afterwards.


3. Apologize again.

No matter whose fault it was, be the bigger person. Even if you already made up and said you'd move past it, send one last apology text to make sure everything is okay. Even just 'sorry about today, I was being lame' is enough!


4. Actually end it.

Don't hold a grudge. If you're really still pissed, continue to talk it out. There is nothing worse than a tiny thing that pisses you off, left to fester and grow, making you feel dumb bringing it up again and you still feel angry! It's a recipe for disaster.

Make sure the argument is over and both sides are actually cool again. Remember the 'never go to bed angry' phrase!


5. Don't bring it up again

Unless you're really, really sure they can take the joke, don't bring the argument up again. Especially not in a way that opens that argument all over again! Just admit you two were equally dumb and move past it. Learn from the mistake and try to grow from it.


Have you ever fought about something really stupid with your friends or significant other?

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