Never Surrender pt 17

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Its been 2 weeks since the last time I could spend time with Hobi. We've talk alot yes but haven't been able to physically be next to each other. Jackie and her brother thought that hanging out with me would keep me occupied and not worry about what Hobi's doing. "Lets go out!" Jackie said pulling me off the couch. "I dont really want to." "Oh come on you only go to work and here. You need to go outside." Jackie was right. I just was being cautious. "Jackie why force someone to do something they dont want to." Jerry said. "Am I forcing you?" She said looking at me. "Not really I just was being safe." "Well lets go do something please." She said pleading to me. "Ok fine!" We just went to a nearby park. I hadnt been to this one since....Hobi let me stay at his house after the incident with my parents. My phone started ringing and I quickly answered it knowing who it was. "Hello." "Hey babe what are you doing?" "Just at the park with Jackie and her brother." "Aww I wish I could be there. Which park?" "The one that we go to. Where are you?" "I'm taking a break from practice." "So are you outside? Just getting fresh air. I guess you would be sweating right now." I laughed "Yea super hot." "Hey I'm gonna go get a drink real quick" Jackie said and she took off. "That's weird..." "What?" Hobi asked. "Oh nothing." "Can you come to me?" He asked "When Jackie gets back I'll head over ok." "Good I want to kiss you beautiful lips. I have missed them so much." "Oh but you don't miss me?" "Oh trust me I do." "Ha good I miss you too." "Hey one of the guys Is calling I'll call you back ok?" "Ok" We quickly hung up and I turned to walk over to the swings. I would run to him once Jackie got here. "(Y/n) I have something I need to tell you." Jerry said "What's that?" I started swinging "Ever since that one day I ended up hurting you I haven't been able to get you out of my head." "Well I get it you should be worried but I'm totally fine." "No I think it's more than that. I think meeting you again was fate." "Really?" "Yes. I think we are meant to be together." "Haha that's funny" "Don't laugh. I like you alot." "Yeah ok that's really funny. I have a boyfriend who I love unconditionally so you can like me all you want nothing is going to happen between us." "Come on give me a chance." He stepped forward and stopped the swing. "No." I got up and pushed him out of my way and started walking away. He grabbed my hand and pulled me. "Seriously I'm way better than him. You'll have a normal life." "I will have a normal life with him! You know nothing about us. We have gone through so much and he is the reason I am still here today and I will never leave him." "Unless he leaves you...who would want to stay with a cheater." He smirked "I'm not a fucking cheater!" I tried to pull my hand away and couldn't. He pulled me towards him and kissed me.

J-hope's POV

I just got off the phone with Suga telling him I was going to wait for (y/n) to get here when I saw her friend Jackie walking over to me. "What are you doing here?" I asked "I figured you were thirsty so I got you something to drink." She handed me a bottle of water. "Thanks. Where's (y/n)?" "Shes probably at the park still with Jerry." She took a step closer to me and grabbed my hand. "Let's go to them." She started pulling me towards the direction she came from. I pulled my hand away from hers and just followed. "So can I ask why you like (y/n)?" "She is amazing. I don't like her I love her. I was never sure about my feelings ever in my life till I met her. She is so perfect for me." "Do you trust she hasn't cheated on you?" "Of course I trust her. Why wouldn't I?" "I don't know she's been acting strange lately." "How so?" I hope she isn't sick. "She doesn't really talk about you alot. It's more about Jerry." "Jerry your brother?" "Yea and it makes me angry." "Are you sure." I was now a little worried. There was no way she'd like this Jerry dude. If she did would she have acted more like she was going to end things with me. "Yea I mean I think she's playing you so she can have a famous boyfriend." "I don't think so." "Really...look" She pointed to the park. They were too close he had his hand on her arm. And she said something. And in an instant they were kissing. She didn't fight back. My mind went blank. I just stood there and watched my girlfriend kiss another guy in front of me.

Uh oh.... what's going to happen? Is this it for our 2 love birds???? Please don't kill me ok? ❤

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