{NC} Great Starter Series

Hey Vingle Nakama!

We're hurtling toward the end of the Nakama Campfire event! It's been awesome so far being able to share our loves and hates and various superlatives about anime.

I'm sure we're all aware of the rules so far, but if anyone is just now seeing these NC cards and are confused, here's some context!

We all had our start as anime fans somewhere. As a result of that first anime or manga, our lives were changed, made better by the inclusion of the medium. So this prompt today asks about that.

Say you have a friend who wants to get into anime...

What is a good 'starter' anime to recommend to someone who has never seen anime?

My pick - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

I think TTGL has basically all the common elements of anime. Giant mechs, outrageous characters, and bouncing bikini plot. TTGL is arguably spoofing on some of these elements, but even so, it stands as a great intro to all things anime, as far as I can see.

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