GTA Online Gets New Game Mode and Vehicle, for Free!

I don't know why I added the "for free" bit at the end of that title. If you've been playing GTA Online since its inception, then you already know that most, if not all, of the updates and new game modes for GTA Online have been free. But whatever, it's getting a new game mode.

And that game mode looks like it's doing the Rocket League thing of making a sport out of game that doesn't really have sports. The new mode called, Inch by Inch, involves this:

Inch By Inch is an adversary mode in which teams try to advance a package into their opponents' end zone, both dodging and suppressing a hail of gunfire. The player carrying the package cannot use any weapons, and must rely on cover, a burst of speed, and teammates taking out opposing gunmen in order to survive. After every score the action immediately resets, keeping the pace of play frenetic.

So, it's almost like a mix between American Football and murder. So, if you're one of those people who wish that football was a little more violent, maybe you'll enjoy playing Inch By Inch, I don't know. I'm not you. I'm me, duh.

The game is also getting a custom Minivan. Which, obviously, is something that everyone who plays GTA Online wants. I mean, who cares about low-riders or supercars or muscle cars? I need a cute minivan that I can get skulls airbrushed on. Mostly because when my friends and I play this game, we need a van to take all of us to the store so we can buy matching sweatshirts.

That's how you play GTA Online, right? You just go in there and buy sweatshirts with your pals? Right? Please tell me I'm playing this game right.

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