Saints DE Shot, Killed After Car Crash

Today is a very sad day for NFL fans across the globe.

Ex New Orleans Saint Defensive end Will Smith was shot and killed after a traffic incident late Saturday night in New Orleans' lower Garden District.

Smith, 34, was shot after exchanging words with the driver of a Hummer H2 that rear-ended his Mercedes G63 SUV, causing him to strike another vehicle containing acquaintances of Smith's, police said.

Fans of the Saints, former coaches, family members and teammates of Will Smith have delivered countless messages on social media in honor of Smith.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees told The in a telephone interview Sunday night talked about Smith, saying "We'll all gather back in New Orleans 10 years after winning the Super Bowl, 20 years, 50 years, to celebrate what a great thing it was for our team and for our city," said Brees. "And we'll be together, but something will be missing. No Will," he told the website.

Truly sad to see anyone killed in a moment of road rage.

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