Judge Rules: Cops Can Murder, OK

Be on the lookout for actual dashcam video, set to be released to the public at some point today or tomorrow, which clearly shows former police officer, Justin Craven, jumping out of his police cruiser and running up to a parked car (in a driveway), and opens fire without pause, hesitation or any command.

Also, since this particular incident wasn't a "high profile" case, the judge didn't see any point in charging the cop with at least voluntary manslaughter. Instead, Craven gets slapped with a measly three years probation.

In the meantime, 68-year old Ernest Satterwhite, is dead.

According to the Associated Press, "State police said Monday that Satterwhite's blood alcohol level was 0.15 percent, nearly twice the legal limit to drive. Police records show he had been arrested more than a dozen times on traffic violations, including three times for fleeing police. However, there is no evidence he ever physically fought with officers."

So...I suppose Satterwhite's intoxication level is grounds for murder-by-cop?!?! WTF?

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