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"Aigoo~ I can go for a good cold shower right now." Junior says as he steps out of the van. We're just getting back from morning rehearsals that the manager had set up for us. The majority of us were drenched in sweat looking like corpses who are to lazy to even walk. We didn't get back from rehearsals yesterday until 10 at night then this morning we had to wake up at 6 so we won't be stuck in traffic; which we still did.

I pull my phone out from my front pocket looking at the notification.

*Hey, we're still at the hospital. Can you come over and keep Mom company? The nurses told me that they have to do more tests and Mom is still asleep.*

I reply to Hyunae then seconds later she replies. *Oh and bring food. She's hasn't eaten because she's been asleep for a LONG~ time. Awesome thanks. Love you*

*I didn't even agree yet on bringing food.*I reply



I put my phone away. "Hey, I'll catch up with you guys later. I have to go get my stuff from my hotel." They nod their heads and my manager gives me permission to leave. I hail for a cab and get in the back seat in the first taxi that pulls up.

I turn to my left when I hear the door shut close. "What are you doing?" I ask.

"I'm going with you."Jackson smiles.

"It's fine I can handle getting my stuff." I smile.

"I'm going with you to go see my daughter."

"W-what? How did you..."

"It was pretty obvious that you found them. I mean c'mon I understand you miss your family but you never go see them without me ever since we trained together." Jackson points out the facts.

"So are you two going somewhere or are you just going to sit in here and waste my time?" The taxi driver asks.

"Lurie Children's Hospital, please."

"Why the hospital, Mark?" Jackson asks with a worried tone.

-At The Hospital-

After we were dropped off Jackson and I walked down the street from the hospital to the nearest McDonald's to get (Y/N) food. As of now we just stepped into the elevator making our way to Hyunae. I had already given her the heads up that Jackson knew that I was with them. The thing Jackson doesn't know is that Hyunae is sick.

"Okay before we get there you have to know some things." I say pressing the 16th floor.

"Like~ the reason on why Hyunae is in the hospital?"Jackson says.

"Yeah like that."I awkwardly say. "Okay well a few years ago Hyunae was diagnosed with stage I of lung cancer. Thankfully she went into surgery and had the tumor removed and went through a cycle of Chemotherapy. We thought that it was over. Until recently."

"What do you mean?"Jackson asks.

"You remember that time (Y/N) had to leave for a doctors appointment?"

"Around Hyunae's birthday?"

"Yeah. Well that's when (Y/N) was told that Hyunae was once again diagnosed with lung cancer. But it was no longer stage I. (Y/N) was really upset that it had come back even after the surgery was a success." We reach the 10th floor getting off and getting on another elevator that continues to go up.

"So why did they move away?"

"Well that's where we get to the part that," How am I going to tell him that his daughter is dying?

"What, Mark?"

"Hyunae is diagnosed with stage IV of lung cancer. Which means it's no longer just in her lungs." I hear Jackson heavily exhale. "They were told, back in November, that she only has a year at most." Jackson lets his head hang. "Hyunae didn't want us to see that she was dying. She wanted us to remember her as the girl she was, not the girl she is now." 14th floor. "She felt that we'd be disgusted with her. That we wouldn't want to be seen with her." 16th floor. "That we would no longer love her."

I get out of the elevator and make my way to Hyunae's room with Jackson close behind. When we get to Hyunae's room it's empty. Where did they go? "Where are they?" Jackson asks.

"I don't know." Did they take her to do the tests already? "They were here yesterday. I know Hyunae told me that they were going to go do more tests but (Y/N) isn't even here." I walk over to the nurses station. "Excuse me."

"How may I help you sir?" The nurse behind her desks asks.

"I'm looking for a patient. Yesterday they were in that room, right over there", I say pointing in the direction of the room "and she's no longer there. Did they take her in to get her for the tests already?"

"Name of the patient?"

"Hyunae Wang." Jackson looks at me surprised. I guess he never knew that (Y/N) gave Hyunae his last name.

"Are you a relative of the patient's?" She asks.

"No, but I was here yesterday with her mother."

"I'm sorry sir but as of right now I can only let out information to family members." She kindly says.

"I'm her father." Jackson carefully steps up to the desk.

"Name please."

"Jackson Wang."

The nurses types into her computer then looks up at us, "Hyunae Wang was moved to the 19th floor. She's in room 12."

"Thank you." Jackson tells the nurse.

"Why did you give her my name?"Jackson asks once we're back in the elevator.

"Do you not want her to have your name?"

"It's not that, but how did you make it possible if I wasn't there?"

"I forged your signature on the birth certificate." I say as I get off of the lift begins to ascend.


"Come in~" Hyunae tells us after Mark had knocked on the door.

He opens the door and the first person I see is (Y/N) fast asleep leaning against Hyunae's bed. She looks so beautiful even when she's tired. I really miss her...but if she's happy with mark then I have to let go of her. I close the door behind me once we walk in. Mark places the food on the desk while I take a seat in one of the chairs.

"How long has she been asleep?" Mark asks standing by (Y/N).

"Since yesterday." Hyunae says rummaging through the McDonald's bag. "I woke up in the evening and she was already asleep." This is the first time that I've actually looked at her since we walked in. I'm not avoiding her. I just don't want her to think that I'm staring. To me she looked the same, well no she has changed a lot. She's a lot more pale, dark brownish circles surrounding her eyes, much thinner, plus she no longer has her hair.

"Are you sure she's not dead?" Hyunae shrugs. "Ya." Mark taps (Y/N)'s shoulder.

"I've tried that already."Hyunae says putting the food bag then getting comfortable in the bed again.

"Wake up~" Mark shakes her violently. Maybe she is dead. "YA!" She lets out a snore then sighs but still doesn't wake up up. "Aigoo." Then...FLOP!

(Y/N) slowly sits up on the ground rubbing her head. "YA! What the heck was that for?" She stands up dusting herself off then sits back down on the chair. I guess she doesn't seem me or maybe just ignoring me.

"We brought you food." Mark hands the bag over to her.

"We?" Hyunae and Mark point to their left towards me. She looks over and sees me. She turns back around with her eyes wide open. "I thought I told you not to tell them."

"He knew already!" Mark defends.


"He made it quite obvious." I butt in.

"How?!" Mark questions.

"Well you do stutter a lot when you lie, and whenever we asked you where you were you always stuttered.

"You suck at lying." (Y/N) says.

"Sorry I was raisedto not lie." He tosses her the food. "Here, eat."

"I'm not hungry." At that very moment her stomach growls.

"You were saying." Mark teases her.

I look away and stare out the window looking out to the city. Chicago looks much prettier in person than in photos. Maybe I should live here. I wouldn't mind living here. You have the city, the beach, many places to visit, a zoo, and beautiful scenary. What more could you ask for? "You need to eat~"

"I'm not hungry, Mark."

"Please~ I'll love you more than I did two seconds ago." Nevermind I hate this place. It's too crowded. There's no where to my car.

"Jackson." Plus I'll be too far from my mom. "Jackson." I can't leave her alone over there. "Jackson." So yeah it's best if I stay over there.

"Jackson!" I turn around to see who called me. "Hyunae has been calling you." (Y/N) notifies me.

"I'm sorry. I guess I blanked out." I turn to face Hyunae giving her my full attention.

"Can you take me to the garden?" Hyunae asks.

"Of course." I happily jump out of my chair. I walk out into the hallway and look for a nurses. When I don't see anyone I walk over to the nurses station. "Excuse me."

"Give me one second sir." A nurse on the phone says.

I pull out my phone while I wait and go on Twitter. "IGOT7's are you ready for our date tomorrow night? I know I am! -Jackson" TWEET. The nurse who's on the phone checks her cellular phone then smiles then locks her phone.

"How can I help you sir?" Another nurse comes by and asks me.

"Yes, please, I wanted to know if it'll be possible to take my daughter out of her room?" I politely ask.

"Of course. Which room?"

"Room 12 Hyunae Wang." The nurse nods her head then walks over with me to the room.


When the nurse who was on the phone heard Wang she turned around at lightning speed but only saw the back of Jackson. "All right, sir, have a good evening." She says before putting the phone on the hook. When they turn down a hallway she gets her chance to see if it is who she thinks it is.

She takes out her cell phone logging onto allmof her social media. "JACKSON OPPA IS AT THE HOSPITAL I WORK AT?!"


"Man, this is one fancy hospital." I say when we arrive to the garden on the 15th floor. "They have everything here."

"Not everything." Hyunae says as I push her over to a set of logs.

"Okay, what is one thing that they don't have?"


"Well that's not expected to be here." I say.

"You said 'What is one thing that they don't have'." She says while looking out the windows. "Why is it that when you're at your last stage of life everything becomes beautiful? Why didn't I notice the beauty sooner."

"So you can fight to stay alive." I simply state. "I find it quite beautiful too; does that mean that I'm dying?"

"Hilarious." Hyunae sticks her tongue out at me. I just chuckle then gaze back at the scenery.

"I want to go home." I here Hyunae softly say after some time passes.

"I'm sure after these scans you'll be able to."

"No," She messes with the threading of the gown. "I mean home. To Korea. I made a mistake." Her voice sounds strained trying to hold back her emotions. "I made a huge mistake wanting to move here. I thought...I just thought it'd be better if you didn't know." She sniffles and lets her head hang. "It's more depressing living here alone than knowing that I'm dying."

I try my best to wrap my arms around her and lean my cheek on her head. She lets out another soft sniffle as I kiss her head. "At the time it seemed like a great idea to see America before my time came, but I feel much sadder. Mom is even sad." She places her hands on my right arm and leans her head closer to me. "I thought that you wouldn't love me or worse. Not want me anymore"

"Hyunae, I would never in a million years think that." I gently give her a reassuring squeeze. "I love you too much to do such a thing like that. Plus I just got you why would I let you go."

"I love you too, Dad." Hyunae pulls away from my embrace looking straight at me. "Are you crying."

I turn away from her and croak out a 'No.'

"Why are you crying?" She laughs.

"You don't call me dad to often. It makes me feel good."

"Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad." She repeats over and over again.

"Nope, lost its meaning already." I coldly say.

"Really?" Her eyes widen.

"NO!" I wail out.


We stroll around quietly looking at the garden and the parents who were with their children. Each child hospitalized for different reasons.

"Do you regret meeting mom?" Hyunae suddenly asks.

"What?" My mind goes blank.

"Do you...regret...meeting mom?" She slowly says this time.

"Why would you ask that?"

"I don't know. I mean you two aren't together. I know that you still love her." It's true I do still love her. "It's a sad love story. You're true love is with your best friend. I just thought you'd regret meeting mom or being friends with Mark."

"Oh yeah I totally regret being friends with Mark, such a pain in my ass." I joke. "Honestly." I pull over to the side and have a seat on the bench. "Meeting your mother is still one of the best days of my life." I smile remembering every detail of that day. "Did she ever tell you how we met?"

Hyunae shakes her head. "Whenever Mark mentioned your name Mom would get really sad."

"Would you like to hear about it?" A goofy smile spreads on her face causing me to laugh. "Okay. It's been about ten or eleven years since we met. I met your mother my first year in Korea. Actually it was the exact day I came to Korea, or was it a few weeks after? Either way I was still very new to the area."

"I'm waiting~"

"I don't remember what happened." I laugh. "All I know is that we met because of a cafe. So now whenever I drink coffee I think of that day we met."

"Well if you think about it why can't you remember it?" Hyunae pouts.

"I can't remember the details all I know is that it deals with coffee."

"I was all hyped up to hear a good story just to find out you don't even remember it." Hyunae shakes her head at me disapproving.


*Two Hours Later*

"Hyunae?" A nurse asks as she walks into the room. We give the nurse a nod. "I'm here to take you so they may do the scans, okay?"

Hyunae nods her head and pulls the covers off and slowly slides her legs to the side of the bed. Mark helps her up off the bed and into the wheelchair. "Do you want us to go with you or wait here?" He asks.

"You can wait here."Hyunae says. "I'll be okay."

"She'll be back in no time." The nurses gives us a reassuring smile then wheels Hyunae out into the hall.

I walk out of the room and watch as she's wheeled into the elevator. "Remember our promise." I say loud enough so she can here me.

"You better keep your word." She calls out. I give her an okay then wave bye to her as the doors close.

"I'll bring you home." I whisper to myself.


*2 Years Later*


"Hyung, I'll see you later, okay?" Yugyeom says as he leaves through the practice room door. "Make sure you eat dinner." I wave him off as he heads out to go shoot for his second drama as the lead.

I make my way out as well grabbing my bag and towel on my way. Time to call it a day. I walk out into the hallway saying hi to the people I come in contact with.


"Oh, Danny!" Danny, the only trainee that I've gotten close with, greets me with a hug.

"I saw Yugyeom just leave. Does that mean you're free?" He smiles with hope in his eyes.

"Yes." I laugh.

"Zhēn bàng!" Danny exclaims. I guess I get more along with him is because we're both from China. "Let's go eat!"

"I just finished working out." I groan.

"PLEASE~ I'm so hungry." Danny pouts. "Let's go eat pizza." I shake my head as he pulls me to the elevators. "Spaghetti." I shake my head as we descend.

"Hotdogs?" I give him a look. "Yah, Hyung you're not being fair right now." He laughs as he hooks his arm with mine when we walk out of the elevator.

"How about we just go to one of the tents in the countryside." I say trying to get us a taxi.

"Really?? All the way on the out skirts of town." Danny has a goofy smile plastered on his face.

"Okay, maybe not that far but still we can go eat at one of those tents."

"OKAY!" He pulls me away from the taxi and runs down the streets.


"What ranking are you in?" I ask Danny while I place some meat on the grill.

"I'm in the top ten, so I think I'm doing pretty well."

"That's good. Do you feel like you're doing better this time that in the last two companies?"

"A lot better." He takes a sip of his drink. " I think SM was a bad choice for my first years as a trainee. I'm surprised that I was lucky enough to be a trainee there but I don't know. I just didn't fit their criteria." I nod my head. Starship wasn't ready for a boy group since BOYFRIEND disbanded so they wanted to focus on Monsta X."

"Have you had the chance to talk with your dad?" I flip the meat over.

"Yeah I spoke with him about a week ago. He's doing well so I'm relieved with that. Have you gotten a hold of Jaebum and Junior hyungs?"

"Not since they first went in, but I'm pretty sure they're fine is JYP hasn't said anything."

"That's good." Danny finishes off his ramyun. "Have you heard from Mark?"

"He's still in the States."

"Hey, today's Hyunae's birthday right! I just remembered."

"Yeah, I was going to go right after work but I guess I'll go when I leave here."

Danny nods his head in understanding. "Hyung, I'm hungry~ Is it almost do-" I shut him up by sticking some meat in his mouth. "It's...hot...but.." he inhales, "so good."


I was on my way to Hyunae with a bear and some flowers. I feel terrible for going so late at night; I lost track of time talking with Danny.

I step out of the taxi once it pulls up to my destination and make my way up the steps. I swing open the door and embraced by the warmth of the heaters leaving the cold autumn wind outside. I make my way down the quite hallways and looking for the room that Hyunae is in.

I walk into the small room and go straight for Hyunae. "Happy birthday~" I quietly sing. I stop myself from crying as I lightly brush my finger on the glass window that held her urn.

It's been two years since you've been gone but I still feel you with me every second.

She came back with me two months after her scan, but only lasted for another three months. (Y/N) stayed in the States. We've only seen her once and that was at the funeral. After that she disappeared again. Which is one of the reasons why Mark is back in the States. He's hoping he'll find her.

I wish I can say that Hyunae didn't have a painful death, but for a child with cancer everywhere, it had to be painful. I think that what hurt (Y/N) was that she wasn't with Hyunae in her last months.

It's painful enough for me and I met her only recently before her time came. I can't imagine what pain (Y/N) is feeling.

"Hyunae, please watch over your mother wherever she is. I hope she's watching her health. I pray she comes home so she won't have to be alone out there." I place my hand over my aching heart trying to suppress my tears. I can no longer protect the most important woman in my life anymore.

I take a seat on the bench and just sit there silent. After her death I had to stay in until the news died down. After what happened in Chicago when everyone found out that Hyunae was my daughter it wasn't easy for us when we came back to Korea. It was much worse on the day she passed. The fans would send me messages for me to stay strong but none towards (Y/N). I think that's what upset me at the time. Everyone was sending me condolence messages but not to the person who was there every step of her way. (Y/N) doesn't even have family to go to. No one to tell her it's okay or to give her a hug when she needs it.

I look at my watch to see the time. "Okay, I'll be back tomorrow, Hyunae, try not to miss me too much." I laugh. "I'll be here on time tomorrow. You better be on time too."

As I head down the steps I feel my pockets for my phone to call for a cab. "AISH! I left it inside." I jog back up the stairs and into the building. I come to a halt at the entrance of the room when I see a ghost.

On the floor in front of Hyunae's urn was a woman kneeling in front of a birthday cake with the candles on. "Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da Sarang ha neun Hyunae shi Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da." The lady quietly clapped along as she sang 'Happy Birthday.'

"Did Appa bring you a present, Hyunae?" She grabs the bear that I had left behind. "So cute." She gently brush her fingers on the bears head.

"It can't be her."I murmur to myself. I quietly make my way into the room once I spot my phone on the bench in the center of the room. I just want to go to her but I don't want her to runaway. I don't want her to leave.

"How I miss you so much Jackson." She says to the bear then wipes a tear off her cheek. "I want to come home but I'm afraid."

"Afraid of what?" I whisper to myself again.

"I can't bare to look at you with disappointment in your eyes. I took our daughter away when she became ill again instead of having her spend time with you." She takes a shaky breath. "I can't imagine how much you must hate me for it."

"I don't hate you." I say to myself again or so I think.

(Y/N)'s body freezes as she slowly stands up turning around to see me behind her just a few feet away. "I thought you came already?" She says.

"You saw me leave?" How long has she been here?

She shakes her head. "You usually come here during the day. Well I thought you came during the day because there was always fresh flowers when I came at night."

"How long have you been here?" I ask stepping close to her.

"I never left." She takes a step to the left away from me. "I should go." She says.

"Wait."I grab a hold of her wrist feeling that electricity run through my skin every time I make contact with her. "Please, don't leave again." She stays still not looking at me. "I can't have you leave me again. I can't sleep at night because I'm always wondering if you're okay."

She says nothing, but she hasn't left so that's a good sign. "You said you wanted to come back home. So come back home, with me. I don't hate you (Y/N). I rather not love again than hate you." I slowly bring her closer to me. "You're the only piece that I have left of Hyunae. We already lost our daughter, I don't want to lose you either." She's not facing me but with her head down.

"I know you don't love me. You love him but I've told you many times without words that I will wait for you."

"That's just it." She sniffles.

"What is?"

"I do love you." Just with those four words I saw the sun rising once again in my life. I wrap my arms around her and hug her tightly.

I've never letting you go ever again.


The reason this whole chapter is all in Jackson's POV is because I realized I was writing a Jackson fanfic with very little Jackson.

Okay I'm going to be honest. I was so lost in writing this last chapter because after so many months of my mind being stressed out over work I lost my creativity. So if this chapter is the worst out of all 13 chapters I apologize. If you loved it then thank you.

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Okay so upcoming works I have to large stories planned. Have I got around to writing them? Yes and No. I HATE WORKING YOU GUYS I COME HOME SO BRAIN DEAD I DON'T HAVE THE ENERGY TO WRITE :( BUT I did start one of them. I did mention in one card in my K Idol Story collection that I was thinking about writing a mini I.M and Shownu story still don't know about it because I haven't given it much thought. I've been really focused on the other two large stories. Now that I have this story done (even though this chapter is shit) I will be focused on the large story that I did start.

I did get my KoreanFromZero books so I'll be studying Korean from now on to :)

Um Kdrama I'm watching at the moment is Healer, I've been watching it for the past month. See this is why I hate working I've been stuck on the same episode because I fall asleep since I'm so tired. I was on the same episode for 3 weeks. I'm finally on episode. The show seems really good so far SO NO SPOILERS.

I'll talk to you all in the future when I get time to have a personal life again. Let me know if you want to be tagged in my future works :)

THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT THROUGHOUT THIS STORY. This is honestly the only story that I've written that has a ending :D


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