The Bad Girl and Bad Boy ch 4

You know I'm just copy pasting from my Quotev and not reading it but I keep catching the last sentence and I can't remember what's happening.

Mi Cha and Seungri ended up going out to try and find food for the rest of us as we sat in my dressing room, talking. Jiyong and Youngbae were sitting next to me as Seunghyun was sitting in a chair not too far away. “And then the lady argued with me about my age, because she thought that I lied about how old I was to the media when I was younger because that’s what ‘child actors do all the time’. So she thought that I was lying about my age 12 years later so she wouldn’t let me buy the cigarettes because she was sure that I was like 16, not 20.” I sighed, finishing the story. Jiyong raised one of his eyebrows. He had sunglasses on so I couldn’t see his eyes. “Wow.” Seunghyun commented. “Yeah, I’ve run across quite a few people like that. They would either not believe I’m really me and think that I was using a fake ID to get attention or that I was lying about my age.” I shrugged. “I guess they think that because I’m a celebrity that I would never go to the store myself, I would send assistants to do it for me.” “Jiyong and I go shopping all the time ourselves.” Youngbae commented. I smiled at him and noticed his faded pink hair. “Hey, you want to come with me after we’re done shooting? I’m getting my hair done to match my wig.” I motioned to the wig sitting on a mannequin head on the table. I looked over at Jiyong and saw his orange hair. Hmm. Weird color choice, but it seemed to work on him. “Hmm. Maybe. I never wanted this to be pink in the first place. It just came out like this so I kept it.” He said, messing his hair. I smiled. “I always wanted to see what I’d look like with weird colored hair. I just never went very far with it. My father never approved of my image.” I picked up a strand of Youngbae’s hair. “Holy shit, how’s it so soft?” I screeched, making him and Seunghyun laugh. Jiyong returned his attention back to his phone. I leaned over and got close to his face, staring at him. “Why so serious?” I asked. He raised his eyebrow at me again, not looking at me. “Is it really any of your business?” He asked. “What crawled up your ass and died?” I muttered in English, pulling away. “I speak English too.” He responded in English, smirking. I blushed and cleared my throat, looking away. “Qu’en est-il français?” I asked him, fighting a smile. He looked at me over the rim of his sunglasses. “What?” He was talking in Korean again. I smiled and leaned closer to him, maintaining eye contact. “Vous avez de tres beaux yeux.” I whispered and pulled back, seeing Youngbae’s and Seunghyun’s confused, but amused faces. Jiyong had his eyebrows pulled together. Seungri and Mi Cha walked back in the room, holding bags of food. I smiled and stood up, helping them. Seunghyun came to help me and stood close. “What’d you say to him?” He whispered in my ear. I looked back to see Youngbae and Jiyong whispering to each other, both looking extremely confused. “At first, I asked him if he spoke French, then I said he had beautiful eyes.” I whispered back to him, making him laugh. “He thinks you cussed him out or something.” “Of course not.” I said, smiling at Jiyong. He looked up at me and I winked at him before saying in a British accent, “I’m classier than that, darling.” Seunghyun and I had to go back to set and finish filming for the day. I was dressed in a tan gown with boots. The wig was curled fashionably around my face. Seunghyun was dressed in a nice suit with his hair smoothed down. He glared at me and made a sound of disapproval. “When your mother came to mine about this marriage, she said I would get a pretty American woman with etiquette. It seems that the only true thing was that you are from America.” He said in disgust. “She isn’t my mother and I had nothing to do with that deal. If it wasn’t for my father passing away, I would still be in America. The place I’m known as one of the prettiest women around. So if I’m not up to your standards, Chin Hae, then I will gladly leave.” My voice dripped with venom as I stood up and started to walk away. He grabbed my arm, quickly spinning me around. “You will not be going anywhere, Kristina. You are to be my wife, and so you shall be. Even if I have to force manners upon you.” Seunghyun smiled, evilly. “Cut!” The director yelled. Seunghyun let go of me and we turned our attention to the director. “MaeLyn, look more offended when Seunghyun says his line to you about etiquette. Seunghyun, try and look more like a spoiled child who gets everything he wants.” We both nodded and went back to our marks. We had to do the shot a couple more times before getting it right. I was pulled back into hair and makeup as the next scene came up. This time the wig hung straight around my face and I was a black t shirt, pants, and boots. Seunghyun was dressed in another suit. We both got to our marks and started relaying the script. “Kristina! I thought I told you that this was a very important meeting for me! I told you to dress in your best!” Seunghyun yelled at me. “And I told you. I refuse to be paraded around like some prize that you have won. I refuse to be trapped here anymore as well, Chin Hae!” I yelled back at him, walking away. He reached for me and I turned around, slapping him. “Don’t touch me!” I ran away from him and out of the shot. “Kristina! Wait!” Seunghyun yelled, following me. “Cut! Perfect! Let’s move onto the final shot, the street.” The director commanded. Cameramen took the cameras and we all walked outside to the street that was blocked off earlier that day. “Now, MaeLyn, do you want to use a stunt double for this?” “No, I think I got this.” I smiled at him. He nodded and I got into my place, Seunghyun hanging back until it was his cue. “Action!” I ran into the street, looking around trying to figure out where I was. Looking back, I saw Seunghyun following me. “Kristina!” He yelled, his voice holding fear. As I turned back around there was a car speeding towards me. “Cut!” The director yelled, making the car stop about 5 feet in front of me. “MaeLyn, are you absolutely sure you don’t want a stunt double?” He asked me. “I’ll be fine.” I sighed. He nodded and the cameras got in closer. “Start from Chin Hae yelling Kristina’s name.” The director said. I backed up a couple feet as did the car and Seunghyun. “Action!” I started running again and when it was time for me to be hit by the car, I let myself roll over it, before falling to the ground, waiting for makeup Soo Wan to put the fake blood on me. “Whoa that looked really painful. Are you alright?” She asked, kneeling down beside me, putting the blood on my face. “I’m fine. I’ve done worse stunts. I know how to be hit by a car.” I teased. She smiled at me and walked away. Quickly snapping back into acting mode as the camera came back, I groaned and rolled onto my back, looking at Seunghyun. His face paled, terrified. “Ch-Chin Hae….I’m sorry…” I whispered, acting like I’d been knocked out. “Cut! That’s a wrap! Great job! Seunghyun and MaeLyn, see you tomorrow for the script reading. Have a great night everybody!” The director cheered. I smiled and stood up. Seunghyun walked over to me, putting his arm around me. “That was so convincing!” He cheered. I laughed at him. “That’s what happens when you’ve been acting since you were 8.” I nudged his side with my elbow. We both went back to the dressing room and I took the fake blood and clothes off, changing into the clothes I ended up coming in. Min Soo pulled off my wig and told me where to go to get my hair done. I smiled at her and nodded, walking out and finding Youngbae hanging out with Seunghyun in his dressing room. “You ready to go?” He asked me and I nodded, pulling Mi Cha away from Seungri. The three of us headed to Mi Cha’s car and headed to the salon.


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