Ghost To Korea

1989I becan to walk faster, and try to find my way out of the forest. Then i heard another rustle behind me. I turn aroumd and looked. I was walking backwards till i bang into something, but it wasn't a tree."NOOOO, SOMEONE HELP ME, NO NO NO""Ill take you home, JT"

2015 "JT, hurry up!" "Im coming woman, chill""JT, come on. We gonna miss the plane" "Ok ok... Lets go""What the hell is wrong woth you woman" "JT, this is Korea!! The home of Idols!!""Damnnnn" "I told you i am a hardcore fan" "No shit, Melissa""Who is he, Melissa?""That's TOP, he is a rapper and he is also in a boy bang called Big Bang. Look""This band is called Big Bang, they are very worldwide famouse. They won many awards, especially a MTV award. This is the leader, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Seungri, Daesung and TOP"

A dream began to form. I was walking at a forest while its snowing. I looked around to see where or which way to go. I began to panick. "Ghost?" I said his name which i came up with my own, when I was a little girl. But no response. I began to walk. "Ghost..?" I see nothing, then i saw the hideous monster. I began to freak out. I turned around and began to run. I ran and ran, i can hear the monster running behind me. Then i crashed into someone's arms. I look up, it was Ghost. At this moment i felt safe, a feeling to just stay in his arms. I don't want to let him go. Then the monster ran away. I look up to see Ghost's eyes. Those blue crystal eyes, which glitter from the light of the sun. His white hair, like snow. "I've been looking for you, wondering who you are?" "Im here, always have and always will." I hugged him, and i close my eyes. The warmth which began to appear inside my heart, was just beautiful. Then he lets me go. "Dont let go." "Never" I woke up to a to the pilots voice saying, in 15 minutes they will land. I looked around and I just let out a breath. *perfect*

"Hello, my bame is JT and she is Melissa" "Hello, please come with me.""JT, i found a letter!""Welcome Ladies to Korea. I hooe the service was great and the house looks beautiful. Tomorrow is the night of you girls host an Amazing Art Museum. Be ready by 4pm. And dress beautiful. Thank you""Just for you ladies, you may buy as much you guys want.""Melissa, we can buy anything woth this card, just not expensive things" "Ohh cool, then can we go!!?""Melissa grab your purse, is time to explore" "Yayyyy!!"*Ghost?*


Did JT saw Ghost? Or was it an illusion? A past which still gives her the chills, but a man who wants to see again.PREVIEWThe squadBBxGD Tag List

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