Kpop Challenge #10

Yes we are finally in the 2-digits !! This was for the day before yesterday but I forgot to post it (yet again ㅠㅠ) @Lexxcisco OK so I had to think of a someone who i thought was overated but in the end i chose a boy group that I personally think is rather underated and that was:


Baek Myung Han


Kim Sunggu


HIGH4- D.O.A #Thekpopchallengehs ~Emily-Kite-Tenjo

My name is Emily and I entered the kpop world in the start of 2013. I was 13 back then now im 15 ㅠㅠ but I'm gonna be 16 very soon (the thought scares me) I love alot of groups especially VIXX, EXO and BTS.
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