Why Am I In Love Alone? Ch 3

The boys couldn’t come over for the next couple days so I busied myself with work and my dance room. I worked with my father at a recording studio. I didn’t do very much other than laying down temporary vocals and helping him mix the music. As for my dance room, it’s an add-on my dad built for me when I got the house. We make quite a bit of money so he had bought this house for me when I was 19 and gave it to me to live in. He decided to build me a soundproof room where I can get out all of frustrations and just dance away my problems. I had always loved to sing and dance. When I was 7 my mother and I had moved to America so we both could study. She wanted to be a writer and I wanted to do something with music. We came back on my 19th birthday and his present was the house. I sighed as I got home from work. It was a slow day, which means it was extremely boring. All I did was sang the chorus to a song for 3 hours because the client wasn’t satisfied with how I was doing it even though she is going to replace it for the final product. Then for the next couple hours she wanted me to give her ideas for choreography before she started arguing with me about whether the drums were at the right tempo when she thought they were perfect yesterday. My dad would have been able to handle it better than I did. He was a real people person, where as I get annoyed with people fairly fast. It’s a wonder why I haven’t exploded on any of the boys when they got annoying. Maybe it’s because when they get annoying Yoongi or Jin yells at them to stop. Plopping down on the couch, I turned on the TV to a replay of Roommate. It was the episode of Jackson’s birthday. I laughed as he listed off the wishes he wanted, swimming with a dolphin and such. I had already seen this episode, but Jackson is still hilarious. After a while, I got the urge to dance so I went in my room and changed out of my jeans and button up shirt into sweats and a loose t-shirt with a sports bra underneath. Pulling on a pair of converse, I walked into my studio and hooked up my phone to the sound system, playing Just Right by GOT7 while I stretched. Once I was warmed up, I changed the song to Dope by BTS. It has its benefits when you’re friends with the lead dancer, although Hobi only really fine-tuned my dance, I had learned a majority of it from their dance practice. Even though I quickly ran out of breath, I kept going as hard as I could. Determined to keep dancing, I decided to do One Shot by B.A.P. I went through all the normal choreography, but Zelo’s part I did the move he did in the music video. However, I wasn’t expecting the loud obnoxious laugh that belonged to Hobi mixed with a high pitched hyena-like one. Turning to the door, I saw Hobi, Jin, and someone else standing there. I couldn’t see his face due to my anger at the rapper/dancer who was clapping and laughing loudly. “Yah! How can you just scare me like that?!” I yelled at Hobi, making the other two men laugh. Walking over to him, I slapped his arm. “Okay okay I’m sorry. But that was seriously awesome.” Hobi said, pulling me into a hug. I glared at him but hugged him back anyway. “Ew, you’re sweaty.” He teased, earning a slap to the back of his head. “Hey! I just danced Dope and One Shot so you leave me alone!” I yelled, pointing at his face before turning to Jin and the other guy. Once I saw his face, my eyes went wide. “O-oh hello.” I said quickly, bowing. He laughed his high pitched laugh and bowed back at me. “I’m Jackson from GOT7.” He said, sticking his hand out to me. “I’m Mingi from…here?” I asked, shaking his hand. He laughed again. Jin walked over once Jackson and I dropped our hands. He picked up my hand and looked me in the eyes with a straight face. “I’m Jin from BTS, your best friend that you completely ignored.” He said, making Hobi and Jackson laugh loudly. “Sorry, oppa.” I laughed awkwardly, feeling embarrassed as the handsome blonde looked around the room, taking in the equipment. “So, Mingi, you know any GOT7 songs?” Jackson asked, motioning to the speakers that were playing the final notes to One Shot. “Uh..yeah. A lot of them actually. You can look at the playlist, those are all the songs I know.” I told him, pointing to my phone that was still unlocked. He walked over and I immediately turned my eyes to the two Bangtans. “What the hell?! You didn’t tell me you were coming over, much less with Jackson!” I whisper-yelled at them, hitting their shoulders. They both started laughing. “Well, Jackson wanted to hang out because he had the day off and Namjoon was too busy so we decided to hang out with him at your house. We didn’t know you’d go fangirl. Why didn’t you do that with us? You were so chill when you met us.” Hobi said, folding his arms. “That’s because…shh..Jackson and you dorks are different.” I scolded, avoiding looking at any of the men in the room. “Ok Mingi, I seriously doubt you know all of these.” Jackson teased, looking over at me. “Choose one and I’ll prove it.” I told him, crossing my arms and lifting an eyebrow at him, sassily. He chuckled at my response then nodded. “Alright, fine. If you insist.” He said, playing If You Do. He mimicked my pose and crossed his arms, leaning against the wall. I moved away from Jin and Hobi before getting into position and started dancing. His smug grin fell a little. “It’s easy if you just dance! Try singing and dancing!” He argued as I smiled at him. “Aww is Mr. Wang feeling a little insecure by the fact that I can do his dance?” I asked, restarting the song and getting into position again. This time I sang out the lyrics while I danced, messing up on either one every once in a while. After the song ended I was bent over, panting. “Next one.” I said, waving my hand at Jackson who laughed. Jin and Hobi were sat on the ground by the door, enjoying the challenges that Jackson was putting on me. “You sure? You seem pretty out of breath. Don’t push yourself too hard.” Jackson said, picking up the phone again. “I’m fine.” I said, standing straight up again. “You don’t seem to know very many girl groups.” He noted, scrolling through the list of songs. “Yeah, I don’t really listen to girl groups. I just really listen to GOT7, BTS, B.A.P, VIXX, Block B…uh…Big Bang…I think that’s it..” I trailed off. Jackson raised an eyebrow at me. “That’s it? What about 2PM?” “I think I know two of their songs.” I scratched the back of my neck. “I didn’t really listen to Kpop for a while.” “Why?” “Because I was living in America with my mom for a couple years. About…12?” I said, stretching my arms back. Jin and Hobi looked at each other then back to us. “You never told us that!” Hobi exclaimed. “You never asked.” I shrugged. “When did you get back?” Jackson asked. “Last year on my birthday. This house was my dad’s present.” “How old are you?” He continued to barrage me with questions. I sighed and sat next to Jin, knowing that this game of infinite questions was going to last a while. “I was born in 1996, so here I’m 20.” I said, cracking my knuckles. “What were you and your mom in America for so long for?” Jin asked. “She wanted to study to become a writer and I wanted to do something with music so she put me in a performing arts school. It was pretty cool. I was in a bunch of plays and the school was really well known.” “How come we never knew about this..” “Like I said, you never asked. I mean come on man, we’ve known each other for a year and you’ve never asked how I know English or where I grew up or anything. That was the first thing Namjoon oppa and Jiho oppa asked when they met me.” “How did you meet them?” Jackson asked, motioning to the two men who sat in stunned silence as they realized they never even thought to ask my history. I didn’t mind that too much though. It’s a little weird to be interviewed like this by a man I barely even know, but somehow Jackson makes it okay. “My sister is dating Woo Jiho. You know, Zico? Well..at least she was. I haven’t talked to her in a while, but the last time I did they were having a really big fight. I’m not completely sure what it was about. Anyway, she introduced me to him, he introduced me to Namjoon oppa who introduced me to the rest of Bangtan. Jin oppa and Hobi oppa are like my best friends. Jungkookie is a little shit who likes to troll me along with Jimin oppa and Tae oppa. Yoongi oppa and Namjoon oppa are cool, I never really see them anymore.” “Because they’re writing songs and stuff, getting ready for the comeback.” Jin explained, putting his arm around me, then immediately taking it off as he felt how sweaty I was. I smiled at him and rolled my eyes. “That’s cool.” Jackson responded, sitting down in front of me. “Yeah, I really want to meet Daehyun or N. They seem cool. Ooh or Leo. I’d like to get pointers on singing.” “What? Why can’t you ask me?” Jin asked, gently hitting my arm. “Because you’re too nice. You’d just tell me that I was doing fine. I need someone who isn’t biased as my best friend.” I said, making him pout and cross his arms like a 5 year old. “I wanna hear you sing!” Hobi yelled, suddenly. “Me too.” Jackson agreed. I bit my lip and tried to think of a song. “What should I sing…?” I asked, tapping my chin with my finger. Standing up, I grabbed my phone and looked through the songs. “Should I do an English song or a Korean?” “English!” Jin and Jackson said, making me laugh. “Okay.” I pressed play then sat back down in my spot. They kept their eyes trained on me and I felt a little nervous considering Jackson was listening intently. “Gotta change my answering machine, now that I'm alone 'Cause right now it says that "We can't come to the phone" And I know it makes no sense, 'cause you walked out the door But it's the only way I hear your voice anymore It's been months and for some reason I just (Can't get over us) And I'm stronger than this” I began and saw Jin and Hobi smile at each other. Jackson’s face remained the same until the end of the song in which he yelled out and clapped. “You’re really good!” He complimented. I smiled and nodded my thanks to him. “Okay then. Back to dancing. This time I want you oppas to dance with me.” I said, standing up and pulling their hands to make them follow me. I put on Bounce by JJ Project. For the next hour and a half we all just danced around the room before they decided they were hungry. Jin helped me, again, and once we all ate, they said their goodbyes after Jackson put his number in my phone under WangKong. Walking back into my dance room, I kept dancing until I collapsed from exhaustion. I laid on the floor, staring at the ceiling as the light flickered then died out. The room was enveloped in complete darkness and the only sound was my heavy breathing. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d probably be terrified. I closed my eyes and fell asleep quickly in the hot room.

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