Stuck {A ToDae Imagine}


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"Come on TOP, Stay in time with the others!" shouted the dance instructor as he watched Big Bang practice the dance choreography for Fantastic Baby.

"That's it Taeyang, come to the front!" He jumped around shouting commands.The dance was pretty simple, but it was fast and required all members to keep in perfect time and dance with energy. TOP's ankle was twisted but we was trying his hardest to keep a straight face and not let his members down, the pain was unbearable and he couldn't help but trip and mess up time after time. Daesung noticed the struggle in his hyung's steps and looked at him worriedly.

"Okay lets wrap it up for today." the dance instructor yelled swinging his arms "Good job guys. Now go get some sleep." With a smile he handed the members their water bottles and patted them on the back.

"Good work Seungri." All members had left except TOP who stayed behind sitting down in pain ,his ankle throbbing. Daesung flipped his brown hair to the side as he walked out

"Ah Seunghyun is still back there..."

Jiiyong stopped and looked behind him with a confused look. Seungri pulled on his arm dragging him towards Taeyang who was tiredly waiting for them.

"Oh I'll go get him. Go on ahead." Daesung spoke,the others nodded and headed out.

"Top hyung..." Daesung cooed as he walked over to him.

"Ah, Dae why are you still here?..." TOP muttered trying to hide the pain in his voice.

"Because I couldn't leave you behind." Daesung crouched down beside him and squeezed his shoulder.

"Thanks..." TOP said shyly. "My ankle-Argh..." He winced as he tried to get up. Daesung's heart wrenched at the sight of him.

"Dont move it hyung. Just put your arm around my neck okay?" Daesung carefully slid his arm under the taller man's legs and wrapped his arm around his waist, lifting him up bridal style. "Geez your heavy Seunghyun..." Daesung joked,standing up.

TOP could feel Daesung's heart beat quicken as he coiled his arms around the younger's warm neck. Daesung was strong, he had to admit, and he felt rather feminine for having a man carry him like this. His fingers played with the back of Daesung's hair as he carried him towards the lift.

"Hyung, what are you doing?" He smiled as he pressed the button.

"Hm? Oh your hair is just really soft." TOP laughed bringing his face closer to his. Daesung was so adorable and sweet TOP couldn't imagine how dark his life would be without his smile.

The elavator door opened and TOP was carried in. Daesung pressed the button and stepped back. TOP kissed his soft cheek. "Thanks for doing this Dae..." He kissed his cheek again,and again and again.

"Ah ah okay I get it." Daesung squealed, laughing a little.The elevator started to go up before abruptly stopping, causing Daesung to almost lose his footing.

"Oh god..." Daesung sighed. "Mind if I put you down for a sec?" He put TOP down carefuly and he stood up,leaning against the elevator wall.

TOP watched as Daesung frantically pressed the button. It didn't take a genius to realize they were stuck. TOP noticed the growing fear spreading on Daesung's face and took a step towards him.

"Its not working?" He spoke and Daesung could feel the vibrations of the rapper's deep voice on his ear and he couldn't help as he shivered. TOP's entire body was pressed close against his.

"N-no.." he stutterd as he felt TOP's lower lip brushed against his neck softly. "Gah! Seunghyun!"

TOP fell to the floor pulling Daesung down with him. Trying to get up Daesung knew it was useless as he felt hot hands slide up his shirt and a wet tongue lick at his neck.

"Ah hyung...not now." Daesung felt himself getting hotter and he tried to roll off him but TOP squeezed his nipples, making my body weak and limp. He knew that was his weak spot.

Daesung felt his heart beat quicken as he sucked at my neck. Daesung cursed his body's reaction. This was the wrong time and place for this. But on the other hand it had been a while.... "Fuck it." He murmured and kissed TOP's neck, trailing kisses up towards his lips.

"Mmmf" Top moaned. Losing his breath Daesung brought his head back up for a second before having it tugged back down.

They shared a deep passionate kiss before TOP loosened his grip letting Daesung's hair free as they stared into each other dark eyes communicating silently. "You have such an intense stare..." Daesung mumbled.

"Then just focus on the rest of me." He replied smoothly and Daesung almost died. He was so sexy and for a moment he understood why girls always went crazy over him.

TOP pulled his body up so that he sat up against the wall running his hand through his short black hair, spiking it up with his fingers. Daesung knelt down in front of him and TOP lent forward lifting his white tank over his head. "So hot...." He growled in his deep erotic voice as his eyes feasted upon Daesung's amazing muscles.

"Ah...shit Seunghyun..." Daesung moaned as TOP rubbed and pinched his hardened nipples, leaning forward and covering them with his hot saliva as he nibbled on each one. Daesung grabbed TOP's hair in pleasure loving the warmth on his chest as TOP had his way with him. A proud tent stood erect in both men's pants

"Your body is so perfect..." TOP panted. "I want to see more..." He started tugged at Daesung's pants signaling for him to take them off.

Daesung threw off his pants and was left just in his grey boxers as he lent forward as they both shared a steamy kiss, as he rubbed TOP's strong thighs while he grabbed at his ass.

TOP threw his head back in pleasure feeling Daesung's hand palming his bulge through his pants tugging at it playfully. "Ngh dont tease me hyung..." TOP groaned as Daesung continued to play with him.

Daesung knelt closely to TOP's ear whispering. "Then just fuck me already..."

Any trace of embarrassment or logic was gone from Daesung's mind and now more then ever he felt the sexual urge he had been feeling since dance practice. He wanted TOP inside of him now. Sweat dripped from his forehead and the elevator suddenly felt smaller then ever. Daesung's heart raced as hee unzipped TOP's skinny jeans and pulled down his boxers would one pull. Daesung's eyes widened at the sight of it. He would never get used to the size.

"You dont think you can take it?" TOP remarked smirking a little knowing that the younger was more than capable. He grabbed the back of Daesung's hair pulling his head down onto his cock. Seunghyun had a firm grip and Daesung gagged as TOP thrust into his mouth, his cock reaching the back of his throat easily. Finding his rhythm Daesung pursed his lips as TOP continued to fuck his mouth. He could hear the deep erotic moans of the man above and Daesung moaned around TOP making him buck into his mouth. Wrapping his hand around whatever couldn't fit in his mouth Daesung began to pump TOP for all he was worth only eliciting more moans from the rapper. Feeling the grip loosen on his head he began bobbing his head up and down TOP's cock hungrily saliva running down his chin as he slurped happily.

Ah, how did he get so good at this?

TOP smiled at his own stupid question and pushed Daesung away gently removing his boxers, his cock stood proudly against his stomach. Looking up at him, TOP spotted the red tint that had appeared on Daesung's cheeks. "Such a cutie." TOP murmured as he captured Daesung's lips again savoring the taste as he slipped his tongue in his mouth.

Daesung pulled back and TOP could tell just by the look on his face what he was ready for. "I can't move that well so you're going to have to do most of the work."

TOP replied with a curt nod. "Don't worry I'll support you from behind." He reassured. Daesung turned revealing his perfect ass and TOP's mouth watered at the sight. Crouching down positioning himself, Daesung slowly lowered himself onto TOP's thick cock. No matter how many times they fucked it always felt like the first to Daesung. TOP had that affect on him and Daesung loved it.

TOP held his waist watching as his cock slowly disappeared as Daesung's bubble butt swallowed it. For a moment Daesung was quiet and TOP knew he was in pain. They didn't have any lubricant on so he knew it was going to be pretty rough to begin with."Baby are you okay?" TOP asked, supporting Daesung's waist as he adjusted to his incredible size.

Daesung gave a small but meaningful nod and his blonde hair fell over his face. It took a little while before Daesung started to move slowly up and down on TOP's dick.

"Ahhhh....hyung...." he cried as he increased the pace, throwing his head back in pleasure as he felt TOP hit his prostrate with every thrust. Daesung could only see white as TOP continued to pound mercilissey into him. TOP only gripped his hips tighter and Daesung knew he would bruises when this was over.

"Mmmm..." smiled Top as Daesung's tight walls pressed in against him. It was like the singer was sucking in him, so desperate to be filled with his cock and TOP wasn't one to deny his lover. The pace became quicker and quicker and soon TOP didn't need to support him and instead grabbed hold of his cock and pumped it from behind.

Daesung clenched his walls loving the way TOP's slender fingers wrapped around his cock so nicely pumping it in rhythm with his thrusts. There was nothing he could do but push his ass backwards as he felt a heat building in his stomach. He knew he was going to cum soon and whined at the thought. But as he looked behind the sight of TOP, covered in a thin sheen of sweat and a stern face as he fucked him senseless, he knew neither of them would last much longer.

"Ah fuck me hyung.....I'm gonna come!" Daesung shouted.

"Lets come together." He hissed into his ear with that deep ass voice that sent Daesung's body rocking as TOP pushed into him one last time making him see stars. Deep throaty moans echoed in the small elevator as cum splashed over the walls.

Daesung could feel TOP's hot cum pour into him and he would be lying if he said that didn't turn him on even more. He stood up slowly his legs weak. TOP helped him up supporting him by his waist and laid down beside him panting.

"I love you Daesung,I always have and I always will..."

Daesung smiled and kissed his cheek "I love you too hyung..." he said breathlessly as they sat there.


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