A name was just virtually meaningless until you met face to face with the person it belonged to.

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He held a dirty finger to his lips, nose crinkling at the dust that wafted up into his face as he subtly shifted on the concrete floor. Despite the several feet that separated you two, you could see the beads of sweat dotting his temple and sliding down to drip off his chin onto the floor. Bangs plastered to his forehead, his trembling fingers raked them back, a soft breath passing through his lips at the feel of cool air brushing across his sweaty forehead. You winced, the sound of his leather jacket rubbing harshly together at the elbow and he froze, eyes widening. The sound of leather boots softly squishing started from the opposite side of the parking garage, directly followed by the rustling of jean fabric skimming together with each step.

They were headed this way.

Your heart started to race, biceps twitching as you tried to quietly shift yourself further under the car. The next car over, Taehyung was shaking his head, finger tapping against his lips and he silently begged you to remain still. Unknown to you, his frantic gaze was locked on the tiny loop on the back of your flannel, right between the shoulder blades. A loop that would normally be used to hang the shirt up on a hook, but was now looping around a jagged piece of metal hanging from the underside of the car.

Entire body painfully taut, he mentally begged you to stop moving. The loop was straining against the loose metal and if you moved anymore it would either snap or give until the fabric broke free. Either outcome would make plenty more noise than the leather of his jacket and the man in the parking lot would definitely know he wasn’t alone.

You ignored Taehyung, continuing to move. The man in the boots was coming from your left and while Tae had the added camouflage of the car you were hiding under, to your left was an empty space. If this man did spot you both, it would be you first. So you continued to shuffled to your right, moving closer to Tae and hopefully lowering your chances of being spotted.

There was a light tugging at your back, but you weren’t able to turn your head back far enough to see what it was. A glance was sent over to Tae to see him hooking his thumb over his shoulder and pointing to his own back. You frowned, you knew it had something to do with your back, but what exactly was it?

Proving unhelpful, you drew in a steady breath then held it as you steadily moved to the right. The pull grew tighter; tight enough to realized your shirt was hooked on something. You furrowed your brows, a headache started to form behind your eyes as you tried to figure out how to get unhooked without making a sound. First, you flattened your body onto the floor and awkwardly tried to moved your arm back and feel for what was hindering you.

The footsteps were still heading your way, but had slowed down considerably; which was a relief.

Far too low to give you enough space to maneuver your arm, you had to toss that idea. Perfectly still and perfectly flat, you settled your palms on the concrete. A little pressure was added to your wrists, hoisting yourself up in hope of dislodging your shirt. Taehyung stiffened so hard his back spasmed as he watched you smash the back of your head against the underside of the car. It was far lower than you had anticipated.

The footsteps picked up the pace, muddy black boots now visible.

“Run!” Taehyung urged, shuffling out from under the car. You followed suite, body jerked back by the hooked fabric. Halfway out from underneath the car, Taehyung’s heart dropped; the jagged metal was stronger than he thought as he watched you try and fail to move any further.

You were stuck.

And the boots were already visible to your left.

“Ah, I found you.” A soft voice chirped. The man dropped to his knees, peeking his head under the car to look at you and Tae; faces glimmering with sweat and grime and eyes wide with fear. He smiled, elated expression shifting between the two of you. The hooked loop of your flannel caught his attention and his smile fell, a look of concern passing over his face.

“Oh, are you stuck?” He asked genially. Easily sliding onto his stomach, he stretched his arm out, yanking the shirt free. Your immediate reaction was to shuffle away from him, but his arm dropped down to wrap around your waist, fingers digging into your hip bone farthest from him. Taehyung lunged forward, long fingers gripping your wrist as he tried to pull you towards him while the other man pulled you in the opposite direction.

One handedly trying to tear the man’s arm from you, you locked gaze with Tae. Eyes glistening with tears and nose running, your fingernails dug into his arm, desperate to keep a hold on him. “Don’t let go Tae!” You begged,”Please, please don’t let go!”

He threw out his other hand, manhandling your upper arm. “I won’t!” You could feel the burning strain in your shoulder socket, but tried to keep quiet about it. If you screamed out, Tae might loosen his grip and then the other man would have an edge.

“Let go, Tae.” The other guy whined. He slipped further under the car, head bumping against your side as he draped his upper arm over your lower back, pressing down. Stretching his hand out, he grasped a hold of Tae’s middle finger, wretching it upward until the other man screamed, jerking his hand back. “Let go, Tae~” He sung softly, hand trailing for Taehyung’s other hand still gripping your wrist.

Afraid he was going to do the same thing and then you’d be easy for him to drag under the car, you swung your elbow back into his shoulder. He tucked his head down under your arm, effectively evading any sort of further injury and protecting his face. Teeth lightly biting the tender flesh of your ribs through your sweaty shirt, he mumbled,“Don’t hurt me unless you’re prepared for me to hurt you back.”

Tae tugged at you again, frustration piling up in droves. You three were pinned under two cars, it was too hot- sweat was blinding his eyesight. Now his finger was in pain and this other man’s grip was iron solid. The other guy lifted his face from your flesh, eyes peeking at Tae over the expanse of your back. Taehyung gulped, mentally preparing himself to wave off the man’s hand when he started reaching for his fingers digging into your wrists. “Jus-just let us go.” Tae whispered breathlessly. “We won’t tell anyone, just let us go.”

“You should have just ran when you had the chance.” He hummed,”Instead of trying to hide under the cars.” His fingers brushed against Tae’s, the cool metal of the rings on them stinging Tae’s searing flesh. “You should have just ran, Tae.” He mocked softly, nails curling between the bulging tendons of the back of Taehyung’s hands.

“Please just let us go.” You sobbed softly, helplessly pinned underneath the car and him. “We’re sorry..w-we didn’t mean anything by it!” You felt him turn his head, his warm breath fanning across your lower back. Goosebumps prickled across your flesh, his breath cooling your sweat soaked shirt.

“You didn’t mean anything by trying to steal one of my cars?” He asked delicately. The feel of his chin nestling against your spine made you flinch, head banging against the underside of the car again. “I saw you both on camera the moment you stepped foot into the garage. You even read the sign telling you who owned this, and yet you still tried to make off with a car.” He had taken a hold of Taehyung’s wrist, holding him in place when he tried to move away. “I’ve got audio on you both as well, and I heard you talking about me so it’s not like you’re dumb to who I am.” He started to slide out from under the car, steadily bring you along with him. “You know exactly who I am.”

Taehyung started to thrash, frantically jerking at his arm and you saw the other man’s grip slip at the slick surface of Tae’s sweaty skin. And as much as you loved Tae, the thought of him breaking free and leaving you alone overrode the concern for his safety. You reached out, hands knotting into his hair, letting him be dragged as you were dragged out from under the car. “You’re not leaving me alone,” You cried bitterly, ignoring his pleas to let him go,”You’re not leaving me alone, Tae!”

Taehyung was crying too, injured hand weakly trying to pry your fingers from his scalp. “Please, let go.” He wept,”I’ll get help, I’ll be back for you, I swear! Just let me g-”

You curled your fingers painfully tight, panic rising within your body as the cold drafts of the night air brushed against your body. He was almost done pulling you out from underneath the car. “He’s a mafia boss, no one is going to help!” You screamed at Tae, furious and anxious that he was going to get loose and that would be the last you saw of him or anyone else.

Tae choked on his sobs, dust getting into his mouth and eyes, “I’ll find someone, I swear! I-I someone will help, but you have to let me g-!”

“You’re not leaving me alone!”

Your body had cleared the underside of the car, the dim lights of the parking garage flickering lazily. Half draped across the man’s lap, he leaned over you to yank at the back of Tae’s jacket, fully exposing him as well. “Now that you’re both out in the open,” He crooned, patting both your heads,

“Do you wanna explain why you thought it was a good idea to steal from Park Jimin..?”

CREDITS: Suga- Of-Daegu

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