{NC} What Anime Character Do You Think Is Most Fashionable

The day 3 prompt for the nakama campfire challenge was what anime character I find is most fashionable. I thought of someone instantly, so I think I'm gonna focus on her. I have no doubt she comes to a lot of our minds when we think fashionista. I thought of trying to find someone maybe more original but I couldn't really think of anyone without doing some more in depth research. I also know we have all been kinda having a hard time narrowing our selections down to just one for a lot of these prompts which I think was sort of part of the challenge for some of them. But shit, we all have oh soooooo many different anime's we've seen and remembering everything on a whim is not easy. Also remember, I'm still relatively new to the world of anime, so my list of completions is actually quite small compared to you guys. I'm trying my best lol. Anyway, the girl who came to mind in an instant is none other than the lovely, well dressed:

Lucy Heartfillia of Fairy Tail!!

She is one of the first characters I witnessed that constantly changes her outfits, sometimes she wears the same thing for awhile, but it won't be long until she changes it up. One of my favorite things about her fashion is that Virgo will bring her clothes from the Celestial World, which is so cool! She is also from a wealthy upbringing, which makes sense that she would be into clothes and know how to rock em! I really love her red dress in the first image! And the girl looks good in everything she wears, even if it's a towel like in the last gif ;)

Another thing I love about her fashion is that she knows she's cute, and says so on on different occasions. I love a girl who is confident! She looks good from dresses, to bathing suits, even to a simple white tee and some pink shorts! She also wears a lot of skirts and blouses that accentuate her body perfectly. Lucy is a fashion queen I'm sure you'll all agree! Her symbol is also in a really unique and cute spot, on her right hand. It matches most all the things she wears.

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