{NC} What's An Older Anime That You Love

The Day 4 prompt for our Nakama Campfire was what is an older anime that I love, and@InVinsybll had mentioned it would be best to pick one that was pre-2000's. The first that came to mind was one of the Gundam series, I remember I got to watch that when I was younger and me and an elementary school friend would play pretend and always fight over who got to me which pilot and suit lol. However, when I went to go research it's specifics, to my dissapointment, I couldn't for the life of me figure out which fricken series it was I watched! The franchise has got like a bazillion spin-off and sequel and prequel and for the love of God none of it sounded familiar in the slightest. Like I read for an half an hour synopsises and character profiles and just none of it sounded like anything I remember so I guess I didn't love it that much lol. So I went with one that I definitely do remember and it was infinitely better than the Gundam series combined I'd be willing to wager.

The older anime I absolutely love is: COWBOY BEBOP!!

Here's a screen shot of all the official deets!

Ah holy crap this show brings it all back. This is definitely one of the first anime that I watched a bit earlier in life that made me absolutely fucking love anime! I'd even be willing to credit it with my now founded obsession. We are talking sick animation especially for the time, non-par voice acting, intense and violent story, deep complex characters, and just bad asses in space flying ships catching bad guys, fighting and shooting galore! What's not to love!!!?? We follow Spike Spiegal, an ex gang member turned bounty hunter, his pilot mechanic super best buddy Jet Black, and their Old but reliable ship the Bebop as they try to make it in life rounding up the bottom feeders for a fair price. They get joined by Faye Valentine, a smooth talking pretty con-artist, Ed Wong, a brilliant young girl with a knack for technology and science, and Ein, a super genius dog who is an experiment in gene alteration and enhancement gone AWOL. I saw the whole 26 original episodes all aired before 2000 and if you havent, (if you haven't then just get out because how you not!?) drop whatever your fucking doing, don't put it off, forget the next episode of whatever you're watching and watch it, now. We will wait until you're done! But seriously, it's amazing, hailed especially in the west as one of the best anime of all time. See ya space cowboy ;)

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