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Here's the breakdown: Step 1. Make a list of your Top 5 Biases (They Must be in Order) Ultimate Bias First. Step 2. Answer the Following Questions. Questions: Q1. How did he make it into your top 5? Q2. What is your favorite thing about his personality? Q3. What is your favorite thing about his physical appearance? Q4. Was it love at first sight? Q5. What was your first impression of him.

1. his stare. like its dragging u in to idk where but yeah. mostly. and his voice. 2. i love how he can be himself and not really care. 3. i say his eyes. smile jawline. lol well everything. i love everything abput this man. 4. yes. although he was not my 1st UB. 5. handsome funny. oh gosh that voice killed me.

1. ok i have to say his voice and looks. 2. i like how he looks like a bad ass. but he still is a loveable fluff ball. 3. ok i guess u can say his eyes too. but his smile too is cute. 4. i would have to say yes too. 5. bad ass look. his voice.

1. his adorable ness. 2. how he acts cute off stage and then sexy on stage. and his tongue that he love to stick out. 3. his smile. and his eyes. oh and voice. 4. yes and no. i like JungKook 1st but my sister wouldn't let me steal him. so i stole V from her. 5. he is just so cute lol and damn that deep voice. and he can sing also.

1. i loved his voice and that he can sing. and dance. 2. he is caring. but hides it. 3. his smile. and his eyes. 4. yes it was. i liked him in JJ project so yes it was love at 1st sight. 5. his smile was what caught my eyes then his voice. he may not have a deep voice like T.o.P, YongGuk and Taehyung. but its sweet and lovely.


1. he is taking Kai's spot. only cause i love Kai but its yeah... [i love kai and Kyrstal] but yeah... i had a hard rime picking between Chen and Lay. 2. he is a troll what do u think. lol i love how he is playful. 3. i loved his smile. 4. not really. i liked him later on. i have 4 biases Chen, Lay, Tao & Kai 5. the way he sings is amazing.

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