Respect your idols. They're people too!

Update 4:36 pm est: Taeyeon is still up right now and is still being bothered. :( So just this morning(or night in korea), Taeyeon of Girls Generation posted a pic on Instagram of calls she had been getting from random people from around the world. It must have gotten so bad that she had to post on her personal Instagram about it with the comments: @taeyeon_ss : 이건서로에게좋은게아니에요 . [TRANS]@taeyeon_ss This is not a good thing for either people (All calls from unknown callers.) --- Taeyeon follow up comment: I ask for understanding through my insufficient method of expression.. As this is not a post that puts you in a good mood, I will erase it soon, and sleep well, everyone. translation by sonexstella

Here are just a few pics of what's been circulating on Twitter and Instagram. And really, their families too? What is wrong with these people.

It's not just happening to Taeyeon either. I just don't get why there are people out there that has to go so far to bother these idols. They are people too and have their own lives to live. Do people think the idols will respond with, "I've been waiting for your call/messages!"!?!?!? Idols and celebs create things for you to enjoy but that does not mean they are your friends or anything like that. These actions will never be looked at as positive by anyone especially the idols. And in the end it will just end up hurting the idols and their families.

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