Suda51's Let It Die Comes Back From the Dead to Appear at PAX East

Let It Die, Suda51's next game -- which is something that I didn't know about -- isn't cancelled. Apparently, there's been some rumors that the game wasn't being worked on but they recently announced that they're still working on the game and that it'll be playable at PAX East 2016.

If you don't know who Suda51 is, then all you need to know is that he's the mind behind No More Heroes and Killer7. And that being said, you can expect this game to be a little weird as well as being one with tight gameplay.

By the recent screenshots they released, you can see that it's definitely brutal in terms of violence. And I think it's something that works with the game. They called it a survival horror action game. And that's a string of genres I haven't heard in a while... or ever for that matter.

I'm real excited to try this game out (not at PAX East, unfortunately) but when it comes out. I'm a huge fan of character action games and I think that Let It Die will definitely be one of those with the weird Suda51 bend to it.

If you want to check out the announcement video, I left it for you below. Most of the video shows the office while they work on the game but there are some moments of gameplay that show up, so it's still well worth the watch in my opinion.

Let It Die is slated to release sometime this year (2016).

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