The Song You Need When You Lost The Person You Were Meant to Be With

I've got this problem, right? When I'm left alone long enough, I start getting lost in the past and trapped in nostalgia. I guess what I'm saying is that, uh, I get really caught up in shit I did and things I've done and the people I used to know. Or more specifically, the people I used to date.

Yeah, I am. You're right. I'm constantly thinking about her and how I could have made the situation better at the time and how, maybe, if I did that, we could probably be friends.

I just listen to music, really. I don't do much else other than that. It's probably the only way I can deal with these issues and these problems. If I get to nod my head to something and hear that other people sort of feel the same way I do, then I'm good.

Yeah, I've been listening to Tigers Jaw a lot. This one song in particular. Hum, have you heard it?

Well, I'll just play it for you [starts playing song from iPhone]. It really describes that feeling of missing a person who meant so much to you but you're just... Not talking anymore. And it's like she's taken up such a huge part of my life -- when I was happiest -- and now that things are over and knowing that I was the reason everything went to shit, I can't stop thinking about what could have been.

Notable Lyrics:

We always want what is kept from us. Well maybe I am the liar and there is nothing that is left for us. You are a permanent scar. I'm always talking in circles, I always think until I can't sleep. You are the leaves at my feet. You are the hum of electric heat. I kept myself away but I’m starting to like the pain.

i did all that i could.
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