APOLOGY A Bobby and BI story part 5


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Summer break was finally over and your officially a senior in high school you where so excited but you only wish bobby was here with you to celebrate together. You grab your backpack and ran downstairs as you made your way out the front door, you walk over to bobby house and ringed the door bell you wait a couple of minute until you rang it repeatedly. Finally, bobby swings open the door. “Can you like wait” bobby sasses you. You smile as you check out how fresh bobby looked in his new uniform. “Aye you look nice” you complemented bobby. “Psh not as good as you“ Bobby complements you back as he twirls you around. You chuckle and blush. “I miss you bro” you punched bobby on his arm. “why didn’t you tell when you had came back from the camp I didn’t know you had return a week before school had started man” you said to bobby as he grab his backpack and proceed to walk. “What did you do this summer?” bobby asks you as you walk to school with him. “Eat sleep, eat sleep shit then repeat,” you laugh “seem legit” bobby laughed along. You two continued to talk as you walking to school, you talked about what you did during summer break. Bobby told you about winning the YG competition and how he official a YG Trainee and how he made two new friends name Junhoe and Jinhwan and you told him about the summer job you had. “I really missed you during summer break bobby” you pouted, bobby patted your head “awe me too” he said, “Then why didn’t you tell me you had returned?” you asked bobby. Bobby ignored the question as he stop and started digging into his backpack “whatcha looking for?” you asked happily, bobby pulled out a crystal clear rock shape into a heart “look I found this at the camp and I wanted to show it to you” bobby handed you the pretty looking rock “Wow that amazing! It’s so beautiful” you were a mused. you guy finally made it to school you both were so excited as you ran to the pin broad that had your class room number. “Class 1A” you both shouted “ayyye!” you said in unison, high fiving each other. “why didn’t you message me during summer? I know you where busy but all the time?” you asked bobby as you both walked to class. “Yup” he said, “what do you mean YUP?” you said irradiated. You sat next to bobby as class had finally started. You gleamed at him. You realized he had not been answering your question almost like he avoiding them. “PST… bobby..” you whisper at him but he didn’t turn to look at you. “Bobby” you called out tapping his shoulder “what?” Bobby responded his tone of voice was shallow and irradiated as he rolled his eyes. “Oh gosh nothing geez, never mind” you said as you sat back down correctly at your desk. The class teacher had finally walked in following along a new student behind him. “Morning class!” the teacher greeted, everyone stood and bowed, “good morning” they greeted back. “I’ll be your homeroom teacher from now on…” you drifted away, you went paying attention to began with you were too busy wondering about bobby new attitude and why he was acting so different. “What now that you’re a YG trainee you acting stuck up.,” you murmur under your breathe. You noticed Bobby eyes widen ‘oh crap did he hear me?’ you thought to yourself “hello I’m Kim Hanbin but you can call me B.I instead” you turn to head to the front of the class. You could not believe your eyes “B-B-B.I!” you shouted as you stood from your desk slamming your hands onto it. B.I eyes widen, he grins mischievously, suddenly the grin disappears as he looks to another direction you followed his eyes to where they stared. You looked back at bobby then B.I as they stared at each other.

‘Why are they staring at each other so hard’ you thought to yourself.

Then you remembered bobby was going to fight him once because B.I had made you cry in middle school. “(Y/N) take you seat” the teacher demand. “You can seat behind her” the teacher point at the empty seat behind you. You grunted annoyingly, as B.I walked passes you and bobby sliding his finger onto yours and bobby desk. You look at bobby who looked worried then back at your desk. First period had finally ended, everyone stood up expect for bobby and B.I . you sat back down twirling your fingers together as you waited patiently at your desk for bobby to get up. Suddenly you left a light nudge from behind, you turned to look at B.I angrily “don’t start!” you shouted at him slamming your hand on his table, B.I smirk leaning back on his chair. “Tsk...” he rolled his eyes. You looked at bobby who was staring at his desk nervously. B.I pushes your hand off his table causing you to almost lose balance and face palm your face to the table but you caught yourself in time using your other hand forearm to break your fall. “YAH!” you shouted B.I chuckles “ look you better not-“ you hear bobby push his chair and get up, grabbing his bag and walking out of class. You huff, grabbing your bag and chasing after him. “Hey wait for me!” you called out but bobby continued walking at full speed. You tried to catch up bobby turned a corner and you lost sight of him you started to run so that you wouldn’t lose sigh but by the time you reach the corner he turn he was nowhere in sight. Your throat felt somewhat tight as you gulped. You did not know what was up with bobby but he started acting weird and hardly answering your calls he hardly even talked to you. Was he mad at you? Did you do something wrong? Of course, not he has any reason to be acting that way towards you.

A couple of months had pass and bobby and you were not talking or hanging out as much. You noticed bobby was hardly in class, he even missed first period every morning now. You worried about him you wanted to know what it was that was bugging him… but at the same time you did not want anything to do with him since he doesn’t even defend you when B.I bugs, you instead he walks away. He been avoiding your calls now and does not even reply to your text messages ever since summer break he changed a lot and it bugged to not know why he avoiding you. You walked home alone like usual lately you could not stop thinking of reason to why bobby isn’t being himself. He misses first period now he hardly comes to school he has a shady attitude. Senior year and your best friend avoiding you and your worst enemy is back, your life couldn’t get any worse... Then it hit you B.I has not been coming to school that much either what if… “THEIR FIGHT!” you panicked, you walked to bobby placed because you had to know why he become more distant from you. Why is he more secretive lately too and why every time you try to ask him a question he avoids it. You had to know what is it that he hiding and why he won’t tell you? You had to find out the truth.



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