One Night pt. 31


WARNING: Mature content

- Hoseok's point of view - I may not have clean clothes, but I can at least shower. I hear knocking on the door. "Your phone is ringing. It's Namjoon." "Ah, can you answer it quick? I'll be right there." I turn off the shower and grab a towel. I can hear her talking with him. I wonder what he's calling about. I dry my hair a little, wrap the towel around my waist, and open the door. Boram looks at me in such a different way than usual. I suppose, she never has seen me just out of the shower. "Namjoon hold on please." She mutes it. She throws her arms around my neck, pulling me down a little so she can kiss me. We talk in between kisses. "You're warm." "I know." "You're so sexy right now." "Am I?" "Incredibly." "I need to talk to him." "I know." "You're not stopping." "Neither are you." We kiss a few more times and I gently grab her face. "Okay. I really need to talk to him." She pouts and hands me the phone. "Yeah, yeah. He just spoiled our fun." "Shh." I go to take it off mute but it already is. "Hello." He's trying not to laugh. "Sorry I spoiled your fun." He immediately bursts out laughing. I turn away from the phone. "You really need to learn how to use a phone. Nice attempt, but you didn't quite mute it." "That's so embarrassing!" "Yes. I know. So for future reference, learn which button is the mute button." She groans. "Are you done laughing?" He's still recovering from laughing so hard. "Yeah." "What'd you need? I said I'd be back around three or four." "Oh I just wanted to know if you'd looked at twitter." "No, why?" "There's a new trending tag." "So?" "Guess what it is." "Get to the point!" "Hash tag Hobi's girl." "What!" I step into the bathroom and shut the door. "Yeah. There's tons of different pictures of you two. Walking holding hands. Playing at the arcade. Her talking to a little girl. You guys eating." "Nothing in a bar or outside of one right?" "Did you get drunk last night?" "Yes." "How drunk?" "Well, kind of black out drunk." "Seriously! She got you that drunk!" "No! I got me that drunk! She tried to stop me many times but I wouldn't. I wasn't being nice so I think she was trying to avoid making me angry." "You're lucky. No I haven't seen any like that. What'd you do outside the bar?" "I threw up in the alley. Then I sat down on the side walk and a cab driver had to help get me off the ground and into the car. He had to help me get out too." "You're quite the drunk. Even so. I don't think that'd be the end of the world, you're old enough to drink. Wouldn't look good, but it wouldn't be the worst thing ever." "Thanks for the comforting words. So I'm guessing everyone there has seen it?" "Yep. We're all having fun looking at these pictures and reading posts." "Assholes." "Yeah, yeah. You have a girlfriend so let us have some laughs. You're still winning." "Nobody said anything to us yesterday. I seriously thought no one noticed us." "They did." "Is anyone saying anything bad? Tell me the truth." "There's been a couple rude posts but not a ton. A lot of them are just happy you're happy. Others are just really shocked." "Shocked by what?" "Her." "As in?" "Her looks. I'd never seen her whole body, but you guys definitely look noticeable. You don't match up at all. " "Yeah I know. Are they saying anything mean about her looks?" "They just didn't expect you to want to date a very adult looking woman." "Yeah. That's what the manager and the others said too. No one's saying she's slutty looking?" "Not that I've seen. A lot of people said she's pretty. A lot did say you looked good together, I think they're basing that less off physical looks and more on you two smiling like you do." "I'm glad." "That was quick, huh?" "What do I do?" "Don't ask me! I don't know how you're supposed to address this!" "Should I like tweet it or something?" "Sure? You can do what you want, but I have no idea what you should do. Just don't fuck it up I guess. Otherwise you'll get in trouble for sure." "I'll just ask the manager what I should do later." "Good idea. You better keep your fingers crossed that nothing from your drunken stupor surfaces." "Yeah. I hope I'll be that lucky. I'll see you later." "Bye." Oh man. This got serious really fast. It went from me and her to me, her, and the media. This is what it's going to be like? It's not that bad. No one's saying anything mean. No one bothered us yesterday. It could be worse. Aside from what happened at the bar, we didn't do anything that would be seen as inappropriate. Although, it's kind of embarrassing for everyone to know that I took a woman to an arcade for a date. Oh well. We're just young at heart still. I walk out and Boram is lying on the bed. "Still embarrassed?" "No." "So I have interesting news." I open twitter. "That's not good sounding." "I said interesting, not bad." I find the tag. "But you didn't say good news." "Anyway! Just shut up and look at this." I sit down next to her on the bed. "Sit up, lazy." "I'm not lazy just because I'm lying down. Maybe I'll just stay right here and not look at what you want to show me." She rolls over with her back to me and whispers loudly. "Because I'm too lazy to look." What a brat. Maybe the she needs some discipline. I've never tried that. Best form of discipline for an adult? Spanking. She already rolled over for me and everything. I line up my hand, I only have one chance with this. She's going to be so mad, but it'll be worth it. I'm glad she's on my right so I can use my right hand. Convenient. I cross my arm in front of me, winding up. I have to make it count. I spank her a bit harder than I meant to. I mean, that actually hurt my hand. She cries out and jumps out of the bed. She's got her hands on her butt and has the saddest look on her face. That must be what little Boram used to look like when she'd get in trouble. She'd look pathetic and make them feel bad. It's so cute I can't help but smile. She's going to absolutely murder me. "What was that for!" "You were being a brat so I was disciplining you." She's so whiny. "That hard? It's going to leave a mark, I know it! That was way too hard to be play!" "I didn't say I was playing." She's still got that look on her face and her hands on her butt. She really commits to this act. "That's just mean! You're mean!" "You sound like a child." "I can't help it! I feel like one!" "You're fine. Just come back I have to show you something." She stomps her foot. "No!" Oh wow. What the hell, did I just unleash five year old Boram? "Calm down." She stomps again. "No! I'm mad! That was mean!" She looks like she's about to cry! How is she this upset! "Relax okay? I'm sorry." She shakes her head. "No you're not!" I'm really regretting it that's for sure. "I am sorry. I swear I didn't mean to spank you that hard." She looks at the floor. I can see a tear or two running down her cheeks. "But you did." "I didn't realize how strong I was or something." "There's only one way I'll feel better." "How?" "Put on your boxers and give me that towel." "Okay?" I go put them on and hold out the towel. She takes it and goes into the bathroom for a moment then comes back out. "Turn around." "Why?" "Just do it or I won't be happy." "Fine." I turn around. I cry out a little when she quickly whips me three times. Once between my shoulders, once in the middle of my back, and once on my butt. I turn around. "That really hu-" She does it again to my chest and then stomach. She drops the towel with a satisfied smile on her face. "That seriously hurt!" "And your spanking didn't hurt me?" "You wet the tip didn't you!" "Yep." "That's cruel!" "That's fair." She goes and sits on the bed. "How much of that was an act just to make me let you do that?" "The first stomp." "I can't believe you'd act like that just to hit me." "And I can't believe you'd just randomly spank me with your full strength." "I'm sorry though." "I'm sure you are after being whipped." "I was before that." "I know." "And you still did that!" "I wasn't quite disciplining you, as you call it. I was mostly just teaching you a lesson." "Evil." "But you love me." "Yes I do." "Now show me what was so important." "Fine." "Stop pouting." "I don't want to hear that from you." I sit down next to her and open my phone. "This is what I wanted to show you." She looks at the screen for a few moments. "What!" "Yeah, that's what he called about." She takes the phone out of my hand and scrolls. "There's so many pictures! And people are talking about us! I didn't think anyone noticed us." "Well they did. They just didn't bother us." "What about last night?" "None so far. Let's hope it stays that way." "This is so creepy." "Kind of." "Not just the pictures, but the fact that they're talking about it so much." "They're not saying anything really mean though. Namjoon said a lot of people thought we looked happy together and that you're pretty." "That's nice I guess, but it's odd still." "I know. I'm sure this is really weird. It took a long time before I was used to it. I'm still not entirely used to it." "I'm kind of happy though." "Because?" "They all know we're together and you're happy." "I'm happy about that too. I wanted them to know about us." "They also know you're a huge dork who takes his girlfriend to an arcade for a date." "Can't you be sweet for more than three sentences!" She keeps scrolling. "No. I have no idea what might happen to me if I do that. I could die for all I know." "I'm glad I spanked you." "I hurt you way more so it's fine." "Give my phone back." "No just look at it with me." I lean my head on her shoulder and look with her. "Oh that one's cute!" "What one?" "It's us playing a game and it's perfect! I'm saving it. Send it to me later." "That's a little weird isn't it?" "I don't think so. Oh look at us holding hands! Your fans are really good at taking stalker pictures." "They didn't stalk us." "I consider taking pictures of someone without their knowledge to be stalking. But if they're cute pictures then I'm not too mad." "Either way just save ones you like and I'll send them to you." "Good. There's so many tweets too. "They look so cute and happy" "So happy for Hobi" "Seriously jealous of that girl" "Who is she?" They're really excited." "They are. I'm just glad they're not upset." "Me too. I'd feel bad for you. So what are you going to do? You have to respond at some point." "I know. I'm not sure yet. I'm going to ask the manager or something later." "Good idea. Don't want to screw it up." "Exactly." ... - Boram's point of view - "I'm really nervous." "Don't be. They'll like you. I promise they will." He laughs. "In fact I'm almost worried they'll like you too much." He opens the door and we walk in. I'm so scared. I really hope they approve of me. He holds my hand as we walk, trying to calm me down a little. He let's go when we get to what I assume is the living room. They see us and get up. "Hey guys, this is Boram." I bow. "Nice to meet you all!" I think I kept my head down for a long time, because Hoseok pats my head. "They get it, you're very happy to meet them." He gives me the sweetest smile. When I raise my head they're all smiling just as nicely. He puts his hand lightly on my back as he moves me forward. He stops me in front of one of them. "This is Jin the group's eldest member." I bow a little and smile big. "Nice to meet you." He smiles. He's so sweet looking. "Nice to meet you." He moves me onto the next boy. "This is Jimin." I bow and smile. "Nice to meet you." He smiles, what cute eye smiles. "Nice to meet you, Boram." Next boy. "This is Taehyung." I don't bow or smile. "You." I move my finger, telling him to bend down a little. "What?" I lightly smack his head. I hear several of the boys trying not to laugh. His eyes grow wide and he holds his head on the spot I hit. "What's that all about! That hurt!" "That's for getting in mine and Hoseok's business. That's extremely disrespectful. And really? That didn't hurt. I barely touched you, don't be a baby." I hear a couple giggles escape from the others. "But-" I bow and smile. "It's very nice to meet the mysterious Taehyung." He's so confused. "Nice to meet you too?" I'm moved on to the next. "This is Jungkook, resident maknae." I bow and smile. "Nice to" He's not even looking at me and is fidgeting with his hands. He just nods a little. I turn to Hoseok and he shrugs. I'm moved along. I smile. "It's nice to meet you in person Yoongi." I bow. He's wearing a sweatshirt when it's already pretty warm. Poor guy, those scars have got to be rough. I take a step closer. I talk quietly so only he can hear me. "No hard feelings? I'd like to start over if that's okay." I want to make him feel more comfortable as soon as possible if I can. I want him to know that it doesn't have to be awkward. He smiles that nice, genuine smile. "Of course. I'd like that." I move down to the last boy. He's much taller in person. I bow and smile. "It's so nice to finally meet you Namjoon." "Nice to me-" I reach up and hug him. I know that's incredibly odd, if not rude, to do that to someone I just met. Even so he still hugs me back. I let go. "Thank you so much for everything you've done. You're a very nice guy." He's surprised and I think I see just the smallest amount of blushing. "It's no problem. It's nice to meet the person I've heard so much about." Hoseok coughs. I look at him, whoops. I mouth the word sorry. I guess some American mannerisms slipped out. He's so jealous. He smiles again. "Why don't we all sit down and they can get to know you more." Everyone nods in agreement and sits back down. Hoseok nudges me again and I go sit down with him next to me. This is absolutely nerve wracking. I don't know their personalities at all. I'm going to have to guess. Not to mention I've never had to be in a situation where I'd have to earn acceptance from a bunch of guys. I'm also pretty lost on a lot of Korean culture. I know what's generally rude, but I'm sure there's lots of small things I don't know. The family I have here have always been pretty lenient and know that I never mean to be rude if what I do is considered inappropriate here. Hoseok says something to take the pressure off a little. "She says she really likes our music." "Oh! Yeah, I'd never listened to Korean music so I was a bit surprised that you guys sounded like actual hip hop. I've been around rap since day one, so I'm a bit picky on what I like since I love the old school classics. I don't like new school much, and what I do listen to isn't really the "hip hop" rap. Like I listen to 3OH3 which I consider rap but not hip hop. So to hear good new school, hip hop rap was awesome. I was seriously impressed by what you guys put out. I listen to it a lot." Slow down you're talking a little fast. They all look so happy, I'm glad. "Which one of us is your favorite?" Jimin is so eager. "Me." Hoseok gets a little defensive. "Fine, second favorite." Whatever I say is probably going to bug Hoseok. I think they kind of demand an answer though. Oh, I'll say it's Jungkook. He's so much younger than me that he can't get too irritated. "I like Jungkook's singing." No! Jimin looks so disappointed and Jungkook looks like he's about to die of embarrassment. "But I really like all of your voices! I'm so sorry! I just..." This is so damn hard when I don't know any of them. This isn't how I work when I socialize, I had to skip a seriously major step; I wasn't able to observe their personalities and Hoseok didn't tell me anything about them before this. I'm freaking out over here. I swear I've never felt so much pressure. I'm going to make a horrible impression. Oh my god, I already have made a bad impression! One of them already knows I took Hoseok out and he got wasted last night, and I have no idea if he told the others. I'm still seriously self-conscious about whether I look trashy or not. So for all I know they might think I look like a skank. Now I'm either hurting their feelings or making them uncomfortable. Damn it! I can't do this! I just want them to like me, that's all I want. I want his friends to think I'm good enough for him! They'll never think that at this rate though! Shit! Not even five minutes of conversation and I'm losing it! My heart is pounding so hard! No, no, not now! They'll think I'm fricken crazy if they see me get so upset and anxious from this! This isn't going to go well if I feel like this though... I grab Hoseok's forearm and squeeze it. I squeeze it really hard unintentionally. "Ow!" He notices how out of it I look and talks quietly to me, "Boram, are you okay?" I just shake my head as I stare at the floor trying not to cry. I can feel their eyes on me. "Do you want to step out for a minute?" I nod. He has to work a bit to get my hand off of his arm, but once he does he holds my hand. I wish I wouldn't do that, but when I get like this I tense up so much that it's unavoidable. He stands up. "We'll be right back." He pulls my hand a little and I get up. I open my mouth and the words barely come out. "Sorry." We walk out of the room and down the hall a bit so that we're out of earshot. He turns around and hugs me for a moment. He leans back and tries to look me in the eyes, but they're darting back and forth while I look at the floor. "What's wrong? Did you get nervous?" I just nod. "Are you going to be okay?" I shake my head. "What can I do?" Pills stupid. I put my purse on the floor, get down on my knees, and dig through it. "No. No. No!" Where the fuck are they! I dump what's in my purse on the floor. They're not here! Why is my memory so nonexistent! "Fuck!" "What's wrong?" I'm sitting on the floor crying. "My pills. I don't have them. I can't. I just can't." "Can't what?" "Calm down! I can't!" Hoseok is panicking. He has no idea how to handle this. "Yoongi! Come here!" He comes running and sees me. "What's wrong!" "She got too nervous and she's panicking. She doesn't have any pills. I don't know what to do." Yoongi kneels on the floor and holds my face so I'm looking at him. "Is there anything that can make you calm down besides pills?" "No." I've always had some sort of pills since I was a child. Self soothing is something I'm not good at and I can't really be soothed by others either. It stresses me out even more knowing that I'm causing them trouble. He hugs me and pets my hair. He shushes me and speaks softly. "Shh. You'll be okay. Everything will be okay. Are you worried no one will like you? Is it about that?" I nod. "Boram. They'll like you. It'll be fine, believe me. Remember, I told you that you'd have no problem winning them over." "But I don't know them. I don't know how to talk to them." "That's because you just met them." "I already made such a terrible first impression and now I'm crying on the floor after five minutes of talking. They won't like me. They won't think I'm good enough for him." "You're good enough. After being with him for this long, I'm sure they realize that you're special. I'm not sure what first impression you're talking about, but we didn't have one until you very nicely introduced yourself to us. So you've had a good first impression." He's still petting my hair. I wish he wasn't so comforting, it's wrong. Hoseok got too panicked though and it made it worse; Yoongi is just so calm. He knows how this is and what I need to hear. "But-" "No. I'm telling you it'll be fine. They'll like you. They're nice and they're not judgmental. You just need to be yourself. Do that, and they'll definitely like you. I promise." "You promise?" I'm not crying anymore, but I'm still resting my head on his shoulder. "I promise. Trust me. Can you trust me?" "Yeah." "Good. Are you feeling okay now?" "A little." "Do you still need something?" "What?" "Medicine. I can give you one of mine. I'm sure it will help a little even if it's weaker than what you're used to. Just enough to take the edge off." I nod. "Please." "Okay. I'll be right back." He's about to get up, but I reflexively put my arms around him and grab onto his sweatshirt. I shake my head. He's comforting. He's calming. If he leaves I'll get upset again, I know it. "You want me to stay?" I nod. "Okay. Hoseok, can you go in my room and find the pill bottles in my top drawer? Grab the bottle of Valium and bring it here." He leaves. I know he's not happy. He's probably mad. He's probably really hurt. I can't help it though. He was too upset to calm me down. "Thank you." "I don't mind. I don't want you to be upset." "I'm sorry for making trouble for you." "Don't be. You can't help it and you're not at all making trouble for me. This is extremely stressful. I'm sure you were just really excited to meet us and forgot your pills." "They're going to think I'm crazy." "Absolutely not. They won't think that. They're very understanding people." "You're sure?" "I promised you." I smile a little. "That's right, I forgot." "Your memory is pretty bad." I smile a little more. "It really is." It's quiet for a few moments. He's still petting my hair. He's so nice. "You're comforting." "That's probably the first time I've ever heard that." "Well, you calmed me down. That's the first time someone's done that." "I'm glad I could be of some use." Hoseok comes back and hands him the bottle. Yoongi turns to him. "Thanks." "You have to let go. Okay?" I drop my arms and he let's me go. He opens the bottle and hands me a pill. "Can you take it without water?" I nod and take it. "Why don't you go lie down for a while." "Okay." I grab Hoseok's hand and he helps me up. "Yoongi, do you think you can put her stuff back in her bag and put it somewhere?" "Sure." "And thank you for helping her." "No problem."


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