{NC} Great starter anime

Bleach is a pretty awesome starter because it has a great mix of action and comedy as well as amazing characters and a godly soundtrack so it's definitely wonderful to start your adventure with.

Fairy tail is another awesome starter with adventure, exciting soundtrack, phenomenal characters and the animation is bright a vibrant so it draws you in. Definitely 2 amazing anime to start out with. Tagging@InVinsybll@tbell2@danse@VoidX@hikaymm@qveenknip@sontyler@tylor619cruz@AimeBolanos@OtakuDemon10@creetheotaku@tayhar18920@ShinigamiSan@Thatperson512@emmajolie@reinsharai@kirik@zephyrblaze@sosoaloraine23@jessicaferrier@JadaDiemand@TreverMoon

I absolutely love anime to death! Some of my favorites are Tokyo ghoul, naruto, bleach, my little monster, fairy tale, attack on titan, and many more! Hope you guys continue to enjoy the awesome creation that is anime 😀 I'm a Christian and I'm open to chatting so feel free to talk to me!
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