Roy Kim And Park Soo Jin Are Dating!

Singer Roy Kim (20) and actress Park Soo Jin (28) are reported to be dating! The pair first met back in February when Park Soo Jin came onto Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young's radio program as a guest. On the show, she'd confessed that she was a huge fan of Roy Kim, and said she watched every single 'Superstar K4' episode. According to their friends, the pair got rapidly close after her radio appearance, and then started dating soon after. The pair go on dates near Seoul Samsungdong, where Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young live together. Currently, they're both busy with a lot of promotions, so they only go on quiet dates near his house. An insider said, "They're just starting their relationship, and their faces are both widely known, so they're careful with their relationship. Roy Kim will soon be going back to America to take care of his college issues, so he looks like he's doing even more for her until then." Another said, "Their relationship has started to spread among other celebrities recently. They're surprised at their relationship, but they're happy about the new star couple."

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