7 Important Things You've Learned From You Mother

We've learned quite a lot from our mothers.

Although, we don't always give them enough credit, most of what we've learned over the years has been taught by some of the best teachers we know -- our mothers. Because they've been there and they've done that, it's easy for them to pave the way and point us in the right direction when it comes to whatever life may throw our way.

That chicken you love to cook, the way you fold your clothes, how you raise your children and the way you pack the dish washer are just a few lessons your mother has taught you over the years. Even through adult hood your mother may still be giving you some must needed advice to help you face this thing we all have a love/hate relationship with called life. If you can relate to this card and if your mother ever taught you anything, keep scrolling and check out a few lessons taught by mama as told by Cosmopolitan below.

Dress in a way that's actually appropriate for the weather and always carry a sweater because random drops in temperature are real and unpredictable.

If your mom knows anything, she definitely knows that the weather can change at any moment and it's always better to be prepared than ill prepared.

Just as important: know when I've taken on too many tasks and need to chill out, relax, and reprioritize my to-do list.

Working hard is a plus, but we all need to know our limit. Take a break and relax every now and then. You deserve it. Those dishes in the since will get cleaned, don't worry.

Juggle a million tasks at once because I watched her do that literally every single day of my childhood.

You learned from the best. Your mom is the true definition of Whitney Houston's famous lyrics: 'I'm every woman, it's all in me'.

Clean basically anything off a pan, no matter how burned on those eggs are.

Cleaning pans are the worst, but if mama can do it -- so can you.

Make a bed in a calm, collected way that doesn't involve working up an actual sweat.

Because growing up you watched her make a bed with both style and grace.

Tell the difference between a horrible Nice Guy and an actual, earnest nice guy.

Mama literally knows best. That guy you've been eyeing, she knew right away he wasn't the one for you. Take your mom's advice.

Look at a piece of formerly raw chicken, and know when it is finished cooking and is safe to consume.

Knowing how to cook a chicken thoroughly or knowing that it doesn't take long to bake a piece of fish is all knowledge learned from the chef herself.


What have you learned from your mom over the years?


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