Daises and Doodles {A Jin Imagine}

Chance encounters are how you meet people. Sometimes it's someone you'll never see again, other times it can be long lasting friends. You never know when, where and how but not expecting to meet someone is the best part.

Some Jin fluff that'll hopefully bring a smile to your face ^.^


How you ended up here of all places on your day off was beyond you. The place was full of musty books and something smelled of mold in the corner you were in. Wrinkling your nose, you turned yet another page of the book you were barely paying any attention to. Taking notes was supposed to be happening but all you had on your notebook was a few words and perhaps a field of daisies in the corner of the page. And by field, it was an ever growing field. Propping your elbow up on the table, the palm of your hand cupped your chin as you sighed for the umpteenth time. Tossing your blue mechanical pencil down, you didn’t mean for it to bounce off your notebook and skid all the way into the person sitting in front of you. Your eyes grew wide and you’re mouth made an ‘O’ shape but before you could even get out the polite necessities for practically stabbing someone with a pencil you just blinked at the man in front of you.

Since when had someone taken the seat across from you? You didn’t even notice, which was odd because of how little you were truly reading about the French Revolution. Why had you even picked this book? Staring at the person in front of you, you took note of his dark brown swooped up hair, that actually looked rather good on him. The color looked really nice with his eyes that even in this horrible lighting you could tell were ones you’d be able to get lost in for much too long. His attire was casual, just a striped t-shirt in a variety of blues and small lines of white. Somehow, it accented him physical features well and before you knew it he was tilting his head to the side at your curiously, with these very full, plump pink lips that immediately stole your attention.

A hand was stretched across the table, with your blue pencil being bounced between his long and thin fingers. His hands didn’t appear callused to you but why were you even noticing this? Really now, you had seen plenty of attractive men before. “Yours?” he asked, all of your drooling made your response delayed.

Looking down at your pencil back to his lips, then his eyes, you fumbled over your words, “Y-yes..um, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. Not even sure how I managed to.” Clumsily taking the pencil from him you felt his fingers too, smooth. A light pink spread over your cheeks and you looked down at the table chewing on your lip. “Are you okay?”

With your eyes on the table, you miss the corners of his lips turning up slightly as he stifles a chuckle. He ignores your questions and introduces himself instead. “I’m Kim Seokjin.” You look up at him under your lashes, surprised. “You shouldn’t do that,” He’s pointing to your lips confusing you for a moment and then the light turns on and you stop chewing on your lip.

Giggling nervously, you say “Bad habit.” He nods as if he understands and then asks, “like attacking innocent people with your pencils?” He’s smirking at you now and the flips your stomach just made would even put an acrobatic to shame. What was this? You only just noticed this person in front of you, Seokjin. It was a nice name. Why were you thinking that? No, no, no. Within two seconds of meeting him, you had already found him attractive. That’s okay but him already being able to make you shy, blush and get butterflies to that extent was a tad scary and definitely not okay.

“No..I’m really sor-” You stop short as you watch him put a finger to his lips and see a soft smile behind it. “Just teasing you. It was an accident I know.” Glancing at your watch you see that your parents are probably back home. Which is good, it means you can finally leave this small old library. Except now you actually don’t mind staying.

Things had become interesting. You were so caught up in the man in front of you that you even failed to notice that you still haven’t even introduced yourself. You could text them and let them know you’d be late but that wouldn’t go over well. Mom, I’ll be late because I’m at the library hanging around just to see a really cute boy for a longer period of time. Nope, that wasn’t going to go over well. Not to mention you’d die of embarrassment just typing that.

While your field of daisies expanded even more you notice that he had gone back to reading his book as well. You try to think of things to spark the conversation again but your mind is drawing a blank. It’s too difficult when really your eyes just one to zone in on those luscious lips that he just licked and that tight clench in the pit of your stomach. Well, lets just say it was not appropriate to be having in the middle of a small public library. Bringing your eyes back to your book, you sigh. This only drew attention from Seokjin but it wasn’t something that you were aware of at all. Completely lost in your own thoughts and fantasies. Man that was quick. Right. No more looking at his lips. Trying to tell yourself and actually doing it were two different things. After another ten minutes of you not focusing at all and silence you decided to be the responsible adult you were and pack up your things.

Responsible, yeah right, just like how you locked yourself out of your parents house that you were visiting for the weekend. Yes, very responsible indeed.

Shaking your head, you shoved those thoughts aside, closing the book, you picked it up and returned it to the shelf you got it from. Coming back to the table you find it empty and the disappointment that washed through you was more than you had realized it would be. Pouting quietly to yourself you packed up the rest of your things, slung your bag over your shoulder and began walking around the table to the exit. A warm hand grabbed your wrist, halting you immediately. As you look over your shoulder to see who would be stopping you in a library of all places, the surprise is written all over your expression. Staring curiously into those dark brown eyes.

He smiles. You smile back at him very awkwardly.

“Are you going to tell me your name before you go?” He wants your name. The smile grows wider at the thought and you open your mouth just to reply immediately but then it catches up with you. Just your name, not a number? Hm..Maybe you won’t give your name.

So instead, a mischievous twinkle in your eye, you reply, “Next time.” He cocks his head to the side just slightly, you can tell the wheels are turning but instead he lets out a soft chuckle and begins to nod.

“Alright, pencil stabber, until next time.” He gives you a big grin and it makes those butterflies go crazy. Instinctively you begin chewing on your lip, you can’t help it. It’s a nervous habit. His eyes are drawn to your lips and he frowns, “I’m giving you homework. Next time, no more of that,” he raises his eyebrows as if they are indicating your lips for him but you knew what he’s talking about and you immediately stop. “They’re prettier when you don’t do that.” With that he lets go of your hand but you can still feel his warm touch on your skin.

You nod just like a school girl would to their teacher and then inwardly cringe as you walk away and wonder just what is wrong with you. You’re not a teenage school girl anymore. You’re a woman, sure you’re finishing your last year of college for your degree. Somehow being a history teacher appealed to you which was also why you picked up that French Revolution book in the first place. The walk home went by quicker than you had thought it would. You weren’t far to begin with but your mind was also still whirling over today’s events. More particular one. Kim Seokjin.

The next day, you got up made breakfast for your family. It had been a long time since you’d last been home and wanted to do something nice for them. The time you spent was short-lived since both of your parents work and since you didn’t plan ahead on visiting they both had to go to work. You could go with them to their shop but you told them you would later. Instead you decided to clean the house, giving your mom a break from having to do twice the work. It was the small things you thought that made the difference.

Once the house was clean of course to your mom’s standards you showered, dressed and went out the door. Today you dressed a little cuter than your normally did. No more jeans and a t-shirt but a nice but simple skirt and blouse. It definitely showed off more of your femininity than you normally did. You’d like to say that you put on the clothes just because you wanted to feel pretty, it did happen, you had moments like that. However, you knew it wasn’t. You were headed back to that musty library.

You said next time, and you really hoped it would be today. Otherwise, you didn’t know when you would be able to come back. Actually, you did. There would be no other time. You’d go back to school and visit again when you could but you’d forget about the library. What would be the point anyways, it would be too long of an interval to actually think either one of you would be there. It was now or never. Walking to the library you made sure that you had your keys in your bag. You didn’t need to be stuck there like last time. No locking yourself out of house again. That was a frustrating situation, especially when you only have five dollars on you. Today, you had everything. Your notebook with your half a page filled of daisy field, your deadly pencil that attacked someone, your wallet and keys. Pulling open the door to the library you left the bright sunny day to enter the dimly lit artificial lighting the library had. Oddly, it was darker than one would assume would be appropriate for keeping your eyes healthy. That never really bothered you though, it felt more comfortable the way it was. If only that smell could be exterminated, you’d be quite happy with this small library.

Walking back towards the same table you inhabited yesterday, your eyes roam for any hint of Seokjin but there’s no one there. Sighing to yourself, you head off down the aisle you were previously but this time choose a different book. Another history text but this time it was on the Russian Czar. Maybe you’d actually read some of it. Possibly write down some facts that you didn’t already know or wanted to refresh upon. World history had always intrigued you and it hadn’t changed. As it shouldn’t, you did decide to teach history after all.

Opening the text before you even left the aisle, you read while walking and maneuvering around people and stationary objects. It was a talent you had learned ages ago as reading was one of your favorite things to do. Your little sister on the other hand could never do that. She always ended up bumping into tables, couches, the dog and of course yourself. It made you laugh most of the time and warn her to be care but she never listened.

Making it to the table, you tried to pull out a chair but it wouldn’t budge. Still with your nose in the book, you tugged on the chair again. “What is-” You started as you looked up from your book to see that someone was sitting in the chair you were trying to sit in. “Oops..”

Those same eyes from yesterday are looking up at you. “If you wanted to sit in my lap, you just had to ask.”

The blush that crept up your cheeks, was bright red and you broke eye contact immediately, covering your face with the book. “Sorry, sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.”

A soft chuckle filled the air and a hand pulled your hand down, forcing you to lower the book. “I’m just joking. My lap is too good for you anyways.” For a second you stared at him in disbelief then you laughed. He was messing with you again, however it didn’t make your blush go away. He pulled out the chair next to him and indicated with his hand for you to sit. Sliding your bag off your shoulder, you slid into the seat with your bag on your lap. Taking out your notebook and opening it to a clean page. His eyes are following your moments and it’s making you feel self-conscious.

Then you pull out the same blue mechanical pencil as yesterday, “Whoa now, be careful with that one.” Seokjin has his hands up and is leaning away as if you had just pulled out a gun on him. You grin and point at him, “Then stop teasing me.” He nods, a grin spreading across his face but he doesn’t lower his arms until the pencil is lying on top of your notebook. “I can do that, if you tell me your name.” Brushing your hair behind your ear, you turn towards him introduce yourself. He says your name as if he’s feeling how it tastes on his tongue and you can’t help but watch the way his lips move as he does so.

Feeling those soft plump lips against yours....

You blink and realize that he was talking to you. That wasn’t good. “Huh? Sorry, what was that?” Seokjin looks amused but repeats him, “I said, you look nice today.” He scratched the back of his neck shyly. This was not what you had expected in the slightest.

You smiled and looked down at the book in front of you. “Thank you.” You flip the page and glance over beneath your lashes. He’s gone back to his own book so you do the same. It’s not long before you’re interrupted. You feel his eyes on you and it’s making your nervous. Just what is he looking at? Do you have something on your face? Maybe some of your make up is smudged.

Dropping your pencil, you look over and ask, “What?” You see him scratch his neck again and it makes you wonder why he’s nervous. You’re the one what was being stared at after all. He doesn’t look at you but plays with the bent corner of the page.

He stops suddenly and raises his eyes to yours, “I don’t want to bother you if you need to work on that but..do you want to get out of here?” Seokjin can see the surprise on your face but misinterprets the hesitation, “I mean, you know if you don’t want to. It’s okay. We just me-”

He was rambling and it was cute, you smiled slowly, “I’d like that.” You close your book and stand up. “I’ll just go put this back then.” You hold out your hand for his as well. Seokjin closes his own but doesn’t hand it over. “Oh, this one is mine.” Your eyebrow raises but just spin around on your heel and put your book back where you had found it.

Coming back to the table you find him ready and waiting for you. Putting your things away, you slung your bag over your shoulder, “Ready.” He nods and you two walk out of the musty library at last. You follow along with Seokjin, you’re both making small talk, laughing, enjoying the walk to wherever it was that he was taking you.

To which you finally decide to ask. “Where are we going?” He looked over at you and it only took you a second to realize he didn’t know either. Laughter bubbled up and you didn’t hold it back. He stopped walking and just looked at you. “You don’t know do you?” He laughed then and nodded. “Not really. No.”

Someone on the sidewalk was speed walking, with a bag flopping off their shoulder, forcing them to readjust every two seconds. There was lots of bustle on the street so it wasn’t unusual for people to be bumped into or even clipped off by someone zooming past in whatever hurry they might have been in. It was no surprise that you got a bag clipping your shoulder from someone squeezing between you and another made you trip. Seokjin caught you, wrapping an arm around your waist to steady you. “Ow..”

He brushes the hair that had fallen into your face behind your ear, “Are you okay?” You nod and step back. “Yeah, just unexpected is all.” You rub your shoulder and his hand drops from your waist. “Come on.” He says and takes your hand in his. Glancing down you see your hand in his but follow his lead, as he is pulling you along through the streets while making sure that you’re not getting jostled about. It doesn’t take long before you realize that you’re going to a park. It’s actually nearby your parent’s restaurant.

“A park?” You ask, it’s a small one with a swing set, teeter totter, some monkey bars, slide, the normal for a kiddy park. He grinned like a young boy and it made you smile. You were seeing less and less of those types of smiles from the people around you. It was refreshing to see someone in tune with themselves. Okay to have fun, sit back and laugh when they needed to. “Yeah, I come here sometimes when I just need to get away from like. You know a moment for myself, nothing to think about, no worries just breathe.”

You nodded, swinging his hand with yours before letting go and skipping over to the slide. You hadn’t done that since you were a kid. Actually, you didn’t even know if you were going to fit but you sure were going to try. Climbing up to the top, you saw Seokjin walking over to the bottom of it, placing his arms onto the side and looked up at you. “The slide first? I thought you’d go to the swings.” You looked over at them and grinned back at him. “I won’t lie..I thought about it but when have you slid down a slide last? Hmm?” He laughed and climbed up after you. “Last week actually.” You looked back and stuck out your tongue just like the little kid you were, before pushing yourself from the top and sliding down to the bottom. Amazingly you fit, it was a little tight as you weren’t as small as you were in primary school but it still worked.

You stood up at the bottom and watched him slide down as well. “Well, not all people are able to come to the playground so frequently.” He laughs at you again, “Well, maybe they should.” You go back up another time before going over to the monkey bars. You used to love to sit on top of them. Pulling yourself up was always the hard part. Seokjin followed your lead, letting you decide what you played on and he played too. As you hung off from the bar Seokjin came up behind you and tickled you making you ran away hiding behind a pole that was holding up the playground.

“Don’t you dare bring those fingers over here.” You said between laughter, he only grinned and wiggled his fingers at you as he moved closer. You moved warily around the pole your eyes never leaving his and his eyes never leaving yours. Pointing your finger at him, “Stand down.” He just laughs at you but puts his arms by his side however he steps closer. This is where you make your run for it, dodging him and heading straight for the swings. Seokjin follows you but at a leisurely stroll. He doesn’t try to stop you from swinging but joins you instead. “I have to say this is a first.” He looks over at you and raises a brow.

“Play on a playground?” You roll your eyes at that and continued, pumping your legs, making you rise higher in the air. “No, meet someone new and go play on a playground.” He smiles, slowly swinging. “but you’re having fun, right?” You look over at him. “Yes. Yes, I am.” Seokjin stops swinging, and stands up, grabbing your chains from behind and stopping you. He walks around to the front of you, holding onto the chains, eyes gazing into yours. You look up at him, not sure what he’s going to do but it’s not as if you could move anyways. His gaze had your frozen. You were right, getting lost in his eyes was very easy to do.

He leaned forward, his hand caressed your cheek and then his lips brushed against yours ever so lightly. Pulling back just enough so that he could look into your eyes. His were hesitant, shy, gauging your reaction. It was sweet and made you smile. You placed your hand over his and he leaned in again, this time really kissing you with those plump tender lips of his that felt even more amazing than you thought about in the library. He moved his lips by your ear and whispered, “I’m sorry, I’ve been wanting to do that since I first met you.” You giggle at him. “Oh? When you first met me yesterday?” His chuckle vibrated against your ear and he hung his head. “Yeah, when I met you yesterday.” Seokjin stands up and rubs the back of his head, biting his lip.

He looks at you, “Too soon?” You raise up your pointer finger and thumb making indication that, “Maayybbee a tiny bit.” It was but honestly you wouldn’t have had it any other way. You really wanted to just pull him back for another kiss because his lips..oh his lips were just perfect. They could be addicting. No, he could be addicting. It almost made you sad that you would be leaving tomorrow. You watched him kick at the ground embarrassed. Standing up you walked over to him and lifted up his chin. “Don’t worry. It was nice..Your lips are nice.”

Now you made yourself blush, forcing yourself to look away. Seokjin was grinning now, eyes bright with excitement over not screwing things up completely. He leans down, putting his face in front of yours, “You like my lips huh?” You chew on your lips again, stupid. Why did you say that? Stupid, stupid, stupid. This made you even more embarrassed. He pulled on your chin, stopping you from chewing on your lip. He ran his thumb along your bottom lip. “I’ll tell you a secret. I like yours too.” You look up from underneath your lashes, seeing the sincere yet teasing all over his face.

A melody starts to play and you know exactly who it is. Your mother is calling you, as much as you don’t want to answer your hand reaches for it and Seokjin steps back to give you space. “Sorry.” Turning around you answer your phone. She wants to know when you’re coming to the restaurant so of course being the good daughter you are, you say you’re on your way. You’re nearby as it is. Tell her you love her and will see her soon.

Turning back around as you put your pocket, the one thing you really liked about this skirt, it was handy and most couldn’t even notice that it did. “I’ve-”

“Got to go.” He nods, takes your hand in his and leads you back to where you sat your bags down. He picks up yours, hands it to you and then grabs his own. “Thanks.” You take it and place it over your shoulder. “I had fun.” You both walk to the entrance of the park, slowly. Neither one really wanting to leave but you needed to do so. “I did too.” You stop walking as you need to go in the opposite direction. “Maybe..I’ll see you around?” He smiled softly, “I hope so. Be safe.” You nod and turn around walking towards your parents restaurant. Looking back once you saw him still watching you so you waved and then really headed on to the restaurant.

As soon as you walked in, your mom was tossing an apron to you and you laughed. Grabbing a notepad and a pen, setting your bag down in the back you went back out to go take care of some customers. It was a busy night and by the end of it your feet hurt but it was fun. Sometimes you missed working in their little restaurant. Now, more so because you were never there. It was nice now, after you closed the shop, your dad always handed you a beer. Of course this was once you were old enough to drink. You two would share one glass and talk while your mom bustled about complaining that neither of you were moving your bums. Your dad always shushed her though, it was your bonding time. You missed this.

Falling onto your bed, you let your bag drop to the floor and its contents spill onto the floor. Closing your eyes, you laid there contemplating just falling asleep in your clothes. After about five minutes you made yourself move, bras were never comfortable to sleep in after all. Bending down you picked up your bag, a few papers that slid out your notebook. Putting it all back into your bag, you stopped midway of putting your notebook back in. A paper was sticking out which was odd because you never put anything into it. Pulling it out, you saw your name written on it in neat tiny script, that you’d never seen before.

Looking at it curiously, you opened it slowly and found a number and a name.

Kim SeokJin.

The smile was instantaneous on your lips, you placed a finger on the paper, tracing his name. You wondered when he did it but it didn’t matter. Not being able to see Seokjin had made you a little sad but the circumstances made sense. It was a fun day. A silly day that was for sure but a very good one. Bringing your finger to your lips, you felt his lips still on yours. Snapping out of your memories from earlier, you folded the note and slid it back between the pages of your notebook putting it away. With your things away, you quickly changed into your pajamas and climbed into bed. Only a few seconds of your head hitting your pillow were you asleep, dreaming of plump sweet lips you should actually be able to see and maybe feel once more.



Wow that was way longer than I thought it would be. I guess writing about my baby does crazy thing s to me xD Anyway I hoped this made your day a little brighter :)



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