WTH Is 질투!?


I am seeing this word more and more in Kpop lyrics and wanted to really understand it :)

질투 is ENVY


So how is it different from 부럽다 (to be jealous)??


1. 부럽다 (boo-reop-da) is a VERB while 질투 is a noun.

Think "to be jealous" vs the noun "jealousy."

2. 질투 is more selfish.

When you make it a verb like 질투하다 you're jealous and not really happy for the other person you're jealous of. For 부럽다 you can still be happy for the other person! For example, you're 부럽다 that your best friend got a new puppy. You're still happy for your friend though!

3. For more reasons keep watching the video!

Here are some examples!

Listen at 1:36

질투 나요 - Envy is coming! I'm feeling envious!

(jil-too na-yo)

Listen at 1:03

내가 질투 나잖아 - I'm going to get jealous!

(nae-ga jil-too na-ja-na)

Are you ever a jealous person!?

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