King of the Jungle pt.3


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~~ kakao chat with Soo-wan ~~ Soo-Wan: So are you going to join me again to help VIXX? You: REALLY? I mean sure no problem phff Soo-Wan: It isn't another photo shoot this is for the V-app. It is a spring time theme. You: Like flowers-- Soo-Wan: In a dorm roon filled with six sweaty idols yhasss...and you happen to like one of them! You: I do not! Soo-Wan: Show me a screen shot of your homescreen then. You:--- You:--- You: Just come back to the dorm so we can leave together okay? ~~ The next day ~~ I am going to see him again! Soo-Wan said it will be all six of them I just hope that whatever schedule Leo has for his musical won't intervene...ugh why am I still thinking about him? What ever just be professional. Soo-Wan: You look so nervous! Yes Leo is going to be there I texted Ravi when we left the dorm. You: I swear to god you two needed to get married like yesterday! Soo-Wan: ---- it would never work out. You: Why? You guys text all the damn time! Soo-Wan: Haha just trust me...and no I am not a lesbian and he is not gay. You: Are you a mind reader? ~~at the VIXX dorm~~ Walking down the hall your heart gets stronger and you almost believe that all of Seoul is having an earth quake. Standing outside of the door cause the breath in your throat to stop, and you nearly faint when the door opens and you see Ravi's smiling face. Slowly you make your way into the dorm bowing to everyone and go to sit down when you notice Leo sitting across from you. Leo: ... Leo:Hello Y/N. You: Uhh Hi Leo I hope you and your members are doing well. Once again you are assigned to Leo because Soo-Wan hates you. Okay he is definitely smiling at you at least a tiny bit. Is he actively trying to end your life while getting his makeup done? His mouth looks so delicate and his skin is so soft...Ughh stop it Y/N! Just focus. Make this count. ~~ Leo pov ~ Her eyes are so focused and her touch as gentle as before. Why is she shaking? Maybe smiling will help...she froze. Have I ruined this for myself too? Y/N are you staying for lunch? We are having jjajangmyeon. You: That sounds really yummy! I'll stay if I not a distraction although I can't make any promises for Soo-Wan. She said yes! ~~ Your pov ~~ He asked me to stay for lunch I can't believe this and I really can't believe that I managed to answer him normally. This V-app filming is way more intense than I thought. They seem super concentrated on promoting the group and Leo's musical while also answering questions from the fans. N: A fan is asking about ideal types~~~Yahhh~~ Leo you go first Leo promptly glares at N then to the camera me.

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