Just Love Me Part 11


What are you going to do with this gorgeous man in front of you? He makes you feel beautiful and cherished, unlike anyone ever before. You turn around to face him, brushing his hair back from his face.

“Why me? If it’s been years, why me? There are much prettier girls, idols..”

He puts his finger to your lips,

“But they aren’t you. You want a list?”

You look up in shock, “You have one?”

He laughs, “Well not a written one.”

He takes your hand and leads you over to the bed. He sits on the edge and pulls you between his legs. He takes your hands, entwining them with his and kissing your palms. “Gentle hands. Even when you’re at your worst, you’re always so gentle and caring with all of us.”

He hands move to the buttons of your shirt and as he starts undoing them he begins again,

“Sassy. You take all our crap and give it right back.”

He smiles up at you as he parts your shirt,


He leans over and scrapes his teeth across your belly.

“You’re so damn feisty and tough, but I knew you’d melt if I ever got you like this.”

He hands move to the button of your pants,

“Sexy. You've always been so damn sexy to me, from the very first.”

He begins to slide them down your hips,

“The way you move and the way you laugh.”

He places a kiss by your belly button, making you gasp.

“Definitely sexy in how you respond.”

He pulls you down to him and everything goes quiet as he continues to tell you with actions instead of words.

You glance over at the clock, “Shouldn’t you be getting back?”

He pulls you closer so that your head rests on his chest.

“Nope, I have a buddy covering for me tonight.”

You lean up to look him in the face, “All night?”

He kisses your nose,

“Yes ‘mam. There’s nothing on the schedule for morning, he’ll call me if that changes.”

“Wow. How did you get your buddy to do that?”

“I explained that it was a special occasion.”

You laugh, “Ah, so he expects you to ‘get lucky’?”

He grins and he rolls you under him,

“I told him I already was.”

He plays with your locket for a minute, leans down and kisses the skin under it.

“I like seeing this on you.”

Then he looks up with a playful gleam,

“As the only thing on you.”

Sorry this is late ladies! I was conferring with a 'source'. =] He loves the gifs rofl and simply wants me to have the guy tell her more about why he wants her. (He read part 7 & 8) Well, okay then - hopefully this one does that. :D

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