BBxGD and I got bad

So you all remember how there was an after party in nyc for the AOMG concert well we were naughty hehe ... we were dancing well we accidently created a dancer circle @BBxGD even told me we had the boys attention but i was so into my dancing I didn't notice. We both were getting ladies and guys and I'm still shock from dancing like a kpop boy hahaha. oh the wildin out was so much fun @BBxGD@Nikkitty@LemonLasse@Jiyongixoxo@tiffany1922@EliseB@marsamusic@PrettieeEmm@victoria97@Ercurrent@MelissaGarza@flxvour@Annaharris1989@DestinaByrd@pharmgirlerin@yaya12@faith92@MsLoyalHeart@pharmgirlerin@KristinaCaron@MarrickeJ33@KaeliShearer@CrystalBlunt@Jiyongixoxo@lilbr0wneyes@MykelHobbs@CallMeMsDragon@KaiJae@dallasyamane@nmeza29@CreeTheOtaku@Annaharris1989@yaya12@sherrysahar@MandyNoona@KwonOfAKind@drummergirl691@Elipunt

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