Sweet Sorrow pre-releases "Just Get Away" and "Summer Fever"

Sweet Sorrow treated fans with the unveiling of their pre-release tracks, ahead of their upcoming 4th full-length album! The talented group put their personal touch onto the album with the title track, "Just Get Away (You Deserve It)", which was composed by Kim Young Woo and written by In Ho Jin. "Summer Fever (Can't Resist)" is also composed and written by Sung Jin Hwan. Sweet Sorrow will also cool you off this summer with their '2013 Summer Viva' concert on July 5-7. Listen to the refreshing tracks while you wait! http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/06/sweet-sorrow-pre-releases-just-get-away-and-summer-fever-from-upcoming-4th-album

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