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Episode 1

You walk with TOP, at his calm, and mellow pace. The wind was chilly, and forgetting you coat made things even worse. Your feet pulsed in pain from the long night of wearing heels, but home was only a street away.

“Thank you for walking me home,” you say shyly.

“Don't mention it, I don't think it would be a good idea if you left at this time at night, looking as beautiful as you do right now,” he smiled while looking into the distance.

<<Aishh, why did I have to forget to bring money!>><<This is just my luck....>

“I hope this doesn't trouble you, it wasn't my intention to forget taxi money,” you pout and look down.

TOP chuckles, “No no, it's no trouble at all. Don't worry about it, you have been doing so much lately, it's okay for something like this slipped your mind.”

You smile and look up at him, “I owe you one for your troubles.” You both laugh to the point where you close your eyes in time to lose track of your footing and step into a crack. You stumble backwards as your weight causes your heel to get stuck.

Everything slows down, you hear a loud gasp escape from your lips as you get pulled back by your evil shoe, making your arms reach forward as you lose your balance. You close your eyes and hold your breath as mentally curse yourself while falling backwards, only to come to a comfortable stop by a pair of strong arms preventing you from hitting the pavement.

“Are you okay?” A deep voice soothes your tension.

You open an eye and exhale slowly, quickly realizing that it was TOP who had saved you from an embarrassing fall.

“Yeah, I'm fine, thank you,” you whisper. Your heartbeat accelerated as you noticed you were in his arms and your faces were extremely close. You looked at his eyes from the top of your glasses and remembered the time you were waiting to meet the president, and someone had tucked your hair behind your ear. Those eyes had haunted you since then, and now, you were able to put a face with those eyes. It had been TOP all this time.

“You,” You flushed bright red at the occurring thought while the word escaped your lips.

TOP rose you slowly to your feet without letting you out of his tight grasp. You winced in pain as soon as you put your weight on the heel that was caught in the crack.

“Lean on me,” TOP said, putting your hand over his shoulder. He squat down momentarily to undo the strap on your heel, freeing your foot from the shoe. Then he turned around and motioned you to get on his back. “I'll carry you the rest of the way so you can avoid further damage to your ankle.”

You blushed again, “I can't, I'm wearing a pretty short dress. It wouldn't- um, no.”

He smiled, then stood up and took off his jacket, only to turn towards you and wrap his jacket around your waist tightly. “My mistake, this will do.” And in a brief second grabbed your arm and pulled you onto his back. You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face into his broad back. Partly for dying out of embarrassment, and partly for being afraid to fall off.

TOP chuckles, “Relax, I won't drop you.”

“I'm sorry for being such a burden on you this evening,” you said into his back.

“What?” He chuckles again, making the warmth of his voice ease your tension.

You glance around, "So this is what it's like being tall."

"Yaah, what are you trying to say?" TOP complains but you're still able to hear his smile embedded within the words.

"I've just always wondered is all."

"You think about the weirdest things, you know."

"Really? I like to believe that it's creativity beyond the box."

He chuckles, "it's like talking to a philosopher."

Your cheeks burn, "I'm not that old!"

"I didn't say you were old, I'm just implying that you're wise and mature."

"Yes oppa, because having the curiosity about what it feels like to be tall is very philosophical."

He chuckles again, making goosebumps run down your skin from the sound of his deep vocals vibrating your body. "Well, I don't know about that part entirely, but you are certainly a breath of fresh air. I should pay attention to flowers more often, though, I think I favor this one the most."

<<Um, what?>>

"That's your street, correct?" He interrupts your thinking.

You glance up from his flawless hair and squint at the street sign, noticing a lone car in the street side. "Yes, you can put me down now."

"And let you walk the rest of the way? No way, I don't want to risk you worsening your injury."

He continues down the sidewalk in silence. His hands firmly covering your own on his collar.

<<Please walk slower, for my heart's sake, just walk a little slower!>>

TOP manages to reach your apartment in a matter of minutes with the help of his long legs. Thoughts raced in every direction, trying to find some type of excuse to cling on to him longer as he reached your door.

He releases his grasp and squats down slowly, you unwrap yourself from his back and step on the cold pavement, making you wince after being warmed with his natural heat.

He turns around and watches you steady yourself, "You okay?"

Your heart begins to respond to his gentle tone, "yeah, I'll be fine." You manage to say to avoid one of his concerned expressions.

"Go straight to bed and don't put too much pressure on your ankle."

You snort, "it's not sprained."

One side of his lips perk up, creating his heavenly half smile. He stretches his hand and tucks a lock of hair behind your ear, "Still." His voice was low and kind.

<<Tell him, tell him right now how you feel! Do it!>>

You start to unwrap his coat off your waist but his hand reaches out to stop you, his fingers gently coiled around your own.

"Keep it." He bows his head then hesitates for a split second before turning to leave.

<<I can't. It would be wrong and unprofessional. I need to get over this.... Crush.>>

You reach for your keys and insert them into the key slot, only to notice that your door was unlocked once again. "The hell?"

You walk in and close the door behind you. You glance over at the television that continued to play then hear footsteps down the hall.

Adrenaline begins to fill your veins, "Hello?" You raise your voice and cling onto your heels.

A man dressed in dark clothing and a black face mask emerges from the hallway. "There you are, now we can yank out the weeds," his voice was rough and deep. Another man emerges behind him in similar clothing and begins to approach you.

"What do you want? Who are you? Just take my things and leave!" You shout, pressuring your back against the wall, inching away.

The second man speaks up, "We've been watching you for a while now. You're nothing but a parasite in our garden, so we're here to spread the pesticide."

<<So every time my door would be unlocked....>>

"Leave me alone!" You scream and lung at the approaching intruder, digging your heels into his face with all your might.

"You b!tch!" The first man runs over and grabs you from behind. You scream for them to release you, struggling to set yourself free.

The second intruder gets up, "I hate b!tches like you, I hate foreigners, and I hate flowers. Beg for mercy you scum."

The man holding you back tightens his grip as the second one clenches his fist and hits you upside the head.

Your body caves, your senses begin to shut down, but you manage to hear the door tear open and hit the wall violently.

You look up from your hazy gaze and see TOP in the doorway. His eyes meet yours for an instant before he lunges forward at the man that had hit you.

The intruder holding you back drops you on the ground, making your head hit the very spot where you had taken the blow and further cloud your senses.

"T-t-" you stretch your arm in his direction but get pulled into a world of pitch black curtains.

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