Afraid, but listen

A Terrible thing to live in fear

Especially if you don't feel safe neither there nor here,

Or rather you feel too safe which can be quite queer

having grown eyes in your cranium's rear.

Yes quite peculiar indeed

the emotions that we feel

that make us too blind to lead

and stick close to another's heel

but here's the deal

it doesn't matter how many square meals

or the better alleles

the idea of death is all too surreal.

allow yourself not to be the victim of regret

or quake whenever you see the sun set instead I implore be fast as a jet

to retort to a challenge with the three letter word bet

impossible it seems for those with week wills

who find no joy in a simple cheap thrill,

but would much rather sit still

on the frame of a window sill

for fear of being killed

or getting ill

seeing blood spill

and they won't stop until

it's too late.

so if you can relate

and you think that it's fate

for you to be less than great

and imitate

that of an inanimate state

I think that you should reconsider

and before you wither

grasp the idea of getting bigger

make a plan and pull the trigger

and be a home run hitter.

It's quite simple I assure you

even if you are four, two

there isn't a height you can't sore to.

believe me it's something special

when you can look in a mirror and you don't have to wrestle

with the Idea that you aren't the one vessel

or twist your stomach into pretzels

thinking your life is a sesspool

everytime that you are heckled.

so take every candy coated bloated fable

elbows off the dinner table

touch the ends of jumper cables

rip off every warning label

play with things that aren't stable

run until no longer able

and fucking live your life.

it's so hard to see you do it

watching you figure out you blew it

and what's worse is I knew it

and I let you go through it

now there's nothing left to glue, SHIT!

Just know that I shed tears

and believing in yourself is something that you should hold dear

because it is a terrible thing to live life in fear.

I like to write to help others, but also help myself
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