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When Sai first showed up, he was not very likeable. He basically just seemed like a cheap replacement for Sasuke on Team 7/Team Kakashi. He came from the Root/Foundation, a secret training facility/organization for ANBU. If I'm not mistaken, he was assigned to Team 7 because Danzou (whom I hate with a passion, and I don't use the term "hate" lightly) wanted to keep an eye on Naruto. He was a very strange character with no identity, emotions or basic understanding of people, so he often said the wrong thing, earning a nice hearty Tsunade-style punch from Sakura. His delivery and the way he rubs people the wrong way without knowing it or meaning to makes his character a bit comedic!

While out on their first mission together, they revealed a picture book that he always carried with him. Each page looked almost the same, and it appeared to be the story of his training in the Root; he would face off against an enemy, and on the next page, he would have taken their clothes and weapons to face off against the next. If you flipped from the other side of the book, it was a similar story, but the character had white hair, his brother, perhaps. They meet in the middle, but it is unfinished until later. This is the most that I've seen illuminating Sai's past so far.

Back at the village, he reads a lot to help him begin to understand people, particularly his comrades. They also try to help him figure things out, like nicknames and other things that confuse him when they come up. He then applies his readings to his everyday life, still often getting it wrong and being informed accordingly by Sakura's fist. As someone studying artificial intelligence, I can say that his learning process very much resembles that of an AI!


Sai's development has been exceedingly interesting because of this. He's become remarkably perceptive and understanding, even if he simply understands that he doesn't understand, understand? He's really grown to become part of the Konoha family that we all know and love. I especially love how much of a bro he is to Naruto. I love this boy, and I can't wait to see how he continues to grow!


Honorable Mentions

Many characters have piqued my curiosity, but Sai was the frontrunner. Here are the other characters I highly considered for this card that didn't quite make the cut:

Kazuma - Noragami

Kazuma is Bishamon's exemplar and blessed vessel, the last of the Ma-clan, and has become a mentor to Yukine. His original regalia form was as a nail that Bishamon wore through her ear, but as a blessed vessel, he evolved into a beautiful flower earring. He is in charge of targeting and adjusting the power of his master's ensemble, the essential thread that holds everything together. We have seen a little bit of his past, his early days as a regalia and the debt he owes to Yato, but I'd like to know more. What were his abilities before evolving? What was it like when he was first granted the name Kazuma? What were the circumstances that caused him to become a blessed vessel? How did his relationship with Bishamon grow and develop (I ship it so hard!)? How did he become the amazing character we all know and love? I gots to know!

Romeo - Fairy Tail

Romeo was introduced very early on when Natsu ventured out to save his dad. Since the 7 year gap, it is abundantly obvious that young Romeo has followed in Natsu's footsteps, even dressing like him, but we still haven't seen very much of him. I'd like to see some of Fairy Tail from his point of view, especially how he handled and grew over those 7 years.

Homura - Puella Magi: Madoka Magica **SPOILERS**

If you have not checked out this anime, I recommend you do before reading this section; it's only 12 episodes! Madoka first saw Homura in a dream, then the next day a mysterious new girl at school who already seemed to know everything about Madoka appeared. Madoka recognized her from her dream, but didn't know what to think of it. Homura requested to go to the nurse, knowing that Madoka was the aid, and once she had her alone, gave her a foreboding warning not to try to change her life. You later learn that she is a magical girl with the ability to manipulate time. Then it is revealed that she has actually known Madoka for a very long time; in fact, her wish was to be able to save her from becoming a witch, as is the fate of magical girls, so she has gone back to that moment when she first met Madoka over and over again to try to change events and stop her from forming a contract with Kyubey. I'd like to see some of that from her perspective and the different ways that things played out.

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