Kpop Challenge #14

I am on number 14!! I was supposed to post it yesterday why can't I keep up ㅠㅠ OK so I have a ton of kpop male biases (most referred by me as my sons) (my female biases are my daughters) and these will be probably half of them... they are way too many @Lexxcisco

Leo - Vixx

Sehun - EXO

Jimin- BTS

Youngjae- BAP

Sungjae- BTOB

Sungjong - Infinite

Bambam - Got7

( Seungri from Big bang, P.O from Block B, Ren from Nuest,Taemin from SHINee, Henry from Super Junior, Donghyun from Boyfriend, Wooyoung from 2pm)

My name is Emily and I entered the kpop world in the start of 2013. I was 13 back then now im 15 ㅠㅠ but I'm gonna be 16 very soon (the thought scares me) I love alot of groups especially VIXX, EXO and BTS.
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