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Ok, I was just going through my facebook page and I saw this video shared on this kpop group that I'm apart of. It's a spanish kpop group, and most of the fans on there share their love for BTS, but I'm getting away from the subject. Anyways, the video that was shared, was I thought at first to be a sceen from a thaiwanese drama because that's what it looked like at first. Come to find out that it's an actual music video from a thai song. How I found that out is from one of the comments that shared the youtube video of the music video. So, I clicked on the link.... watched it..... and now I'm screwed ;~;

He's so freaking adorable that I'm literally crying right now. He's stage name is Third Kamikaze, and this specific song is called "Love Warning" ARRGGHHHHH!!!! WHY!?! WHY MUST YOU EXIST!?! I swear! These idols, doesn't matter the nationality, are out to kill us with their adorable chubby cheeks and their sexy bodies! Aishhhhh!! You tell me what you guys think? Because, I'm loving this guy, I'm going to look up more songs from him to try it out, but one things for sure, he's gained a fan from me. ♡~♡ Also, if I managed to find good videos, should I post them and share them with you guys, so that you can go down the same feels tunnel I'm going in? XD

I enjoy listening to kpop music and watching kdramas. I'm also love pokemon and zelda, if you were to ask my closest friends they would tell you I'm obsessed 😂😂
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