BTS Love Cycle: Suga & Jimin

Ch. 10

The next day was pretty busy for the boys. They’re last schedule was a filming for M Countdown and they were performing their song DOPE. During the performance Jimin couldn’t keep his eyes off Suga, he tried to make sure it wasn’t obvious but he was fidgeting. Someone noticed his actions because he couldn’t take his eyes off Jimin. Jungkook was watching Jimin watch Suga, and Suga watching Jimin. It made Jungkook annoyed when he saw them.

After they get home Suga and Namjoon have to go to the studio and work. Jimin wanted more time with Suga.

“I promise I won’t sleep at the studio plus Namjoon will be with me so you know he won’t leave me there alone.” Suga said reassuring Jimin who just gave him a pouty face.

“Cheer up, I also promise I won’t take long.” Suga said as he leans in to kiss Jimin’s forehead Jimin lifts his head and Suga kisses his lips. Jimin kisses Suga passionately gaining a moan from him. When they separated, Suga just shakes his head and walks past Jimin. Jimin just smirks feeling satisfied that he can make Suga hot and bothered by a kiss. Maybe that will be enough motivation to remind Suga not to stay so long in the studio.

Jimin walks into the living room, where Jungkook, and the rest of the group are just playing video games or relaxing. Jungkook looks up from his sketch pad at Jimin, Jimin doesn’t notice as he sits next to Tae who is currently playing against Hobi on a game.

Jungkook turns his pad to a new page and starts to sketch Jimin. As Jungkook watches he never really realized just how cute Jimin is. Jimin has this aura around him that’s both cute and sexy. Jimin can pull off the sexy and cute attitude at the same time, Jungkook was looking mostly at Jimin’s eyes and mouth. How he would love to kiss those plump lips. Jungkook shook his head and when he stopped he noticed someone was looking at him.

All of a sudden Jimin looks over at Jungkook and smiles before looking back at his game. Jimin felt like someone was watching him and he was right, it was Jungkook which had him a little worried, Jimin didn’t want a replay of what happened in the bathroom the other day. After a while Jin is calling for Jimin.

“Jimin-ah, come to the kitchen please.” Jin shouts. Jimin gets up passing his controller to Hobi so that he can continue the game.

“Sure, hyung I’m coming.” Jimin shouts as he gets up. Jungkook sighs, putting his sketchbook down and getting up himself, he walks into the kitchen and just stands in the doorway.

“Hey hyung, do you need more help?” Jungkook asks. Both Jin and Jimin turn around. Jin just nods his head.

“Yeah sure, Kookie, set the table with the side dishes okay.” Jin said as he points to Jimin who’s getting them out of the fridge, dishes them out into bowls and starts passing them to Jungkook.

“Okay guy’s dinner’s done.” Jin yells to Hobi and Tae. Jin sends a text to Namjoon and Suga.

“Hey guy’s dinner’s done we will save some for you. Maybe *wink wink*” end text. Namjoon text’s back.

“Ha-ha cute, you better save some for us or I’m going to make you pay for it.” End text Namjoon.

“Hey Suga, it’s time to go.” Namjoon wakes up Suga. Suga stretches.

“Yeah, man we done for the day?” Suga asks. Namjoon just nods his head. They head for their dorm.

“So, Suga how’s your relationship with Jimin going?” Namjoon asks.

“It’s fine why you ask?” Suga asks.

“Because you’re going to be close with Jungkook and Jimin will be close with Hobi in this concept, just wanted to make sure you understood it’s nothing big and don’t get jealous or anything.” Namjoon replies. Suga nods his head.

“I know, Hobi and I have an understanding. At least Jimin’s not paired with Jungkook, then I might be jealous.” Suga and Namjoon laugh. They reach their dorm just ask Jimin’s finishing up the dishes. Suga comes into the kitchen and wraps his arms around him and places his head on Jimin’s shoulder.

“See I told you I wouldn’t stay gone long.” Suga said, making Jimin blush and hold his hands.

“Are you hungry hyung?” Jimin asks. Suga shrugs his shoulders.

“I am but not really, I am hungry for you though. Can I eat you?” Suga said with a smile. Suga was trying to make Jimin smile.

“Yeobo!” Jimin says and Suga see’s Jimin’s face get red. Suga makes Jimin more red when he kisses his cheek.

“You’re such a flirt Yoongi hyung.” Jimin says. Suga scoffs.

“What about you, you’re a major flirt.” Replies Suga. Jimin can’t deny his ability for flirting its part of his charm. Suga lets go of Jimin to let him finish the dishes while he finds something to munch on.

The both of them walk out of the kitchen and sit on the couch. The guys were watching an anime with Tae and Hobi, Jimin sat by Jungkook. Jungkook tenses up feeling his heart beat fast and he starts to get nervous. Jungkook hopes Jimin doesn’t pay him any attention, but just like Tae messing with him Jimin has to do it too.

“Jungkookie, what are we watching?” Jimin says to Jungkook. Jungkook clears his throat, he took for granted the nickname Jimin gave to him and missed Jimin calling him that. Jimin is looking at Jungkook waiting for a response. Jungkook is looking into Jimin’s eyes and when he responds.

“I’m not sure I’m not paying attention to it. Hey V hyung, what are we watching again?” Jungkook asks Tae. Tae rambles off the name but Jungkook isn’t listening, he’s looking at Jimin who’s licking his lips. “Damn him, damn it Jimin.” Jungkook thought to himself. Jimin places his hand to his side, Jungkook notices how close it is to his own hand. Jungkook takes a quick look at Suga who has his head resting on Jimin’s shoulder.

Jungkook takes a deep breath and places his hand over Jimin’s interlacing his fingers and holding his hand. Jimin’s eyes get wide, he looks down out of the corner of his eye and then turns his head. Jungkook rubs his thumb across Jimin’s hand that’s when Jimin tries to pull his hand away but Jungkook just holds on tighter. Jimin looks at him and mouths the words.

“What the hell man, let go! N-O-W.” Jungkook shook his head, Jimin clears his throat.

“Suga, let’s go to bed.” Jimin says as he moves his shoulder to get Suga to lift his head up. Suga raises his head and that’s when Jungkook lets go of Jimin’s hand. Jimin takes his hand and crosses it over his chest










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