These Neko Atsume-Inspired Lattes Are Purrfectly Adorable!

So chances are that you or someone you know is currently obsessed with the trending mobile game Neko Atsume, where you basically take care of virtual cats the same thankless way you would a normal housecat. Except with less shedding.

Japanese barista and latte art enthusiast Nowtoo Sugi totally understands this obsession, which is why he began creating his very own lattes dedicated to the cats.

The colors of Nowtoo's designs are made with different flavored syrups - ranging from fruit to chocolate.

Calico fans can enjoy a latte topped with Neko Atsune's Callie.

And Sassy Fran even gets her own cup - apron and all!

My personal favorite is Guy Furry, who is considerably more adorable than the chef he's named after.

You can find the rest of Nowtoo's incredible latte designs at his official Instagram, @Nowtoo.

But now I want to know, which one is YOUR favorite? And if you play Neko Atsune, which cats deserve their own latte design next?

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