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Join our family! We're a group who like all kinds of anime/manga, we role play, support each other and talk about all kinds of stuff. So if you want to just chat with people this is the place to be.

It's ok if you get confused in the chat everyone does (mostly Natsu) haha. You could join as one of the characters in Fairy tail or make your own. Here's the list on who's taken: Fairy Tail Characters that are NOT available. Lucy Natsu Gray Romeo Wendy Gajeel Carla Jellal Mystogan Levy Elfman Aries Gildarts Juvia Pantherlily Michelle Freed Bixslow Happy Lisanna Aquarius Plue Frosch Loke Acnologia Kinana Igneel Sting Rogue Lector Meredy Metallicana Cobra Mira Ichiya The character could be from a different guild or you could use Edo characters X3 we also range from different heights and ages so don't be shy.

Our ship master is Wendy (she'll ship anything) XD we have weird ships believe me and if you want to see them. Come and take a look for yourself, you'll never see the characters the same.

We are located on wechat very easy to download and make an account. Once your done post your wechat ID in the comments or look for my wechat ID KiaraBri

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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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