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"Mmmm steak or chicken" you said to yourself "aish" you couldn't decide which you wanted to make for your birthday dinner, you were spending your birthday alone this year for the first time since you moved to Korea last year to pursue your dream of becoming a chef. You sighed "mmmm why not steak that one looks really good to have tonight " you screamed and turned around you were met with a smiling orange haired boy "m-minhae! I didn't mean to scare you" he scratched the back of his head "a-ani its okay.." you smiled lightly -he's so handsome - you thought "Hi I'm Taehyung...Kim Taehyung " he extended his hand for you to shake it "a-ah I'm y/n/L/n" you shaked his hand "I know" he laughed "we're in the same class" he added "bwo? Jinjja?? I've never seen you" you asked tilting your head trying to think "I'm not surprised, on how focused you are while cooking...it's pretty amazing.. you cook really well and your pastries are really delicious as well" you blushed "g-gomawo " you smiled shyly  he smiled back "so I know it's your birthday today " he put his head down "ah nae it is...but how did you know? " You stared at him "I'm not a stalker I kinda found out when I was in the office helping with papers and I dropped yours..." he said his face turning a light shade of pink "oh..so you work in the office?" You asked "ani I just help out at times when there's a lot to do" he answered and you nodded "pretty good thing I bumped into you" he said smiling "wae? " You questioned "you'll see" he grabbed the meat and put it back" y-yah" he grabbed your hand and started running out the door before you can say anything else "where are we going!?" You asked trying to keep up with him "you'll see" he laughed you decided to follow him if anything you'll just taze him if he tries something you thought until you tripped "y/n!" He turned around catching you making him fall backwards "gwenchana!?" He said holding you tight, you looked up at him his face close to yours eyes filled with worry, your face started to turn red "y/n" He blinked "ah n-nae" you avoided eye contact " minhae and thank you " you said quietly and started getting up but he held tighter to you "Taehyung..." you looked at him and he looked down at you "you know I've always wanted to talk to you and-" He was cut off "YAH YOU KIDS WHAT ARE YOU DOING" you both turned to see the older man and noticed you both were blocking his stores entrance you got up fast and bowed "m-minhae!!" You said and Taehyung followed "minhae" he said and took your hand and started walking you stayed quiet staring at his back view and started blushing slightly smiling to yourself until you walked into him "Minhae!!" You said he turned around smiling "ani it's okay! But close your eyes" he said "wae?" You asked "you'll see" and went behind you covering your eyes "y-yah" "just trust me okay?" He whispered and you nodded he started guiding you "are we there yet?" You asked "almost just a little more" he answered and kept guiding you "one second. .don't open your eyes!! He said "okay" You laughed and waited, few seconds later he came back "okay ready?" He asked "nae!" You smiled "okay open your eyes" he said and you did, you were met with a park covered in white lights and streamers, in the middle was a table with a cake in the middle and food "tada!!" He said smiling, you looked at him tears threatening to fall "y-yah jinjja? For me...but you barely know me ...wae?" Tears started to fall and he grabbed your hand pulling you into his embrace "because...I love you..." you looked up at him "b-bwo" you stuttered "I've always wanted to talk to you" he started "since you first came to our school to study you were so beautiful the way you worked with such focus and the way you pouted when you got something wrong" he laughed "the way you smiled and got excited when you finally got the recipe you were working on for weeks to come out perfect, how kind you were to everyone...but I was scared to talk to you...and when I was helping with papers in the office I saw that your birthday was coming up and I thought why not? I know it must be weird me a stranger" he started to wipe your tears " but I wanted to do something special for you and ...If it's okay. ...can we be friends? I'm not going to ask you out like that because you barely know me" he laughed " but I'll show you I can be a awesome friend and a awesome candidate to be your ...boyfriend " he smiled wide and you just stared at him cheeks starting to heat up and you started smiling back and hugged him tightly " you know what I don't think you're weird I think you're sweet and amazing to do this for me and I'd be very happy if we became friends " he smiled wider " gomawo! I'll show you how awesome I can be!" You laughed and he grabbed your hand starting to pull you to the table "now kaja it's time to party!"

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