Happy Birthday Zelena!

Okay so you may know that I'm a fan of Once Upon a Time considering Regina is my avatar and my favorite character. But I'm not here to talk about Regina, it's Zelena's turn to be in the spotlight!

Zelena is the first born child of Cora and the older sister of Regina. Cora became pregnant with Zelena when she became a lover to a man who pretended to be a prince. After Cora gave birth to Zelena, she abandoned her in a forest. A mysterious tornado picked up Baby Zelena and brought her to Oz, where she was adopted by a kind woman and a supersticious man. After the death of her adopted mother, Zelena took care of her drunken, verbally abusive, adopted father who despised Zelena because of her magic (believing it to be wicked). He tells Zelena the truth of her adoption and Zelena leaves to see the wizard to discover her heritage.

Zelena returned to the Enchanted Forest and studied under Rumplestiltskin who was also teaching her sister, Regina. Zelena was a fast learner and was able to control her magic, which was very powerful. However, she was insanely jealous of her younger sister whom was kept by their mother and given everything she wanted. Rumplestiltskin rejected Zelena, she angrily returned to Oz, and overthrew the "Wizard". Zelena became the new ruler of Oz and dubbed herself "The Wicked Witch".

That's her general background, I'm not going through everything but that's the gist of her history. I also have a confession to make. While Regina, with her amazing character development and depth, is my favorite character, Zelena is the character I have more in common with. I relate a lot to Zelena. Why? Because I am also the oldest and I have a younger sister who is the biggest brat you will ever meet. She was spoiled so much as a child and got away with EVERYTHING! Whenever I thought she was going to be punished ex. Taking her phone away for a week....she gets it back the next day. It's because of all this that my sister became a...how do I put this lightly? An egotistical, selfish, and a downright little bi-witch. I love my sister and she has gotten better now that she's 19 and my parents aren't letting her get away with ANYTHING, but her cocky attitude still irritates me. Now I'm happy that she doesn't get away with half the stuff she does now 😈.

I get you, Zelena. I do. While our younger sisters got everything handed to them, we had to work hard to get what we wanted! While she may have gone too far to get revenge on Regina by being impregnated by Regina's boyfriend, Robin Hood (yeah that srsly happened), I relate more to Zelena. Hell, like her, I never thought I'd find love, but I did and I hope Zelena realizes that she can have that as well. She has an interesting character and I hope to see her achieve happiness much like her sister. Regina is still my favorite, but Zelena is a very close 2nd.

Without further ado, today is Zelena's birthday. 2 episodes ago, Zelena tells Hades that she never knew her birthday, she would "celebrate" on the day of her abandonment. Hades answered that seemingly never-ending question. Happy Birthday, Zelena!!!

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